A bad reputation? That’s not good for your business. It doesn’t matter whether the smear on your name is warranted or not, rumors have a lot to answer for, and your business can genuinely suffer because of bad news. 

A big part of building your brand identity is in combating rumors and gossip, and for this, you need good PR. You can do so yourself, I talk all about it in The Ultimate Guide To PR & Free Publicity. But you may not be a high flying lawyer who requires the help of Elite Lawyer Management, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be valuable to you. You need to know that you have the best of the best because it’s the best that will help you to realign your brand identity and create a strategy that counts.

So, here are five signs that you need a new PR team working with you.

Firstly, how are your online reviews looking?

You may have started out really well, but even one or two negative reviews could be the kiss of death for you. Bad reviews are not suitable for a business, not in a time where we rely on everything being online! Contact bad reviewers online and let them know you’ve heard them and are going to make changes. People respond well to a company that takes ownership of their mistakes.

How’s your website?

An old and rusty webpage that doesn’t offer much value is one that is going to land you somewhere you feel uncomfortable because it just doesn’t work. This puts people off, and your new PR team will be able to help you to bring it back up to scratch. They’ll point you in the direction of a website builder who can make a difference.

There is nothing worse than a bad online opinion of your business.

Just one rumor or bad comment that makes you look bad online can smear your company for years. A PR rep will be able to tell you how to change that and make it so that you can have a better reputation online.

No change

There has been no change in your PR strategy for years, and if that’s the case, then you definitely need help! It’s so much more important to understand how the website and your blog can help you vs a press release to the local news. PR is such an embedded piece of the puzzle for your business, so without an updated strategy, you are looking at an inferior way of working. A killed buzz can kill your business!

You may have had great success with one sort of marketing, but that doesn’t mean that it will stay working particularly well. Technology has changed, and that means your customers have changed, too. They want seamless brand interaction, and they want to know that you have the level of trust that they can rely on to get things done.

Your customers are going to be watching you, and your business and they will only consider you a success if you are concerned about your brand enough to protect it.

Want to do the check if your business is ready for PR that you can DIY? Download the checklist:

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