People who identify themselves as introverts are often looking for a career or business idea that means they can work on their own. That suits their lifestyle better and they usually feel more comfortable in this situation. If you are an introvert looking to start your own business, here are just a few suggestions.



There are several businesses where all you need to get started is a computer and maybe some software, depending on the option you choose. For those introverts that are very creative, being a freelance graphic designer can be ideal.  This could involve designing websites, stationery or marketing material among the many projects that are available.


You could be a coder, an online retail consigner, a social media manager, a freelance writer, or maybe an Instagram consultant.  All of these businesses can be run from the comfort of your own home and there are plenty of online resources that advertise work.




Being out on the road all day on their own is perfect for some introverts. The only time they have to deal with people is when they are loading and unloading their truck, and with long journeys, there can be days in between. 


Starting a trucking business does need you to have the correct driving license, but then it is possible to lease or hire a truck until you have made enough money to buy your own. That could be sooner than you think as the overheads such as insurance, fuel, and maintenance costs are not always as much as you might imagine. Have fun on the road!


Online Tutor


If you have qualifications or a skill, you could start a career as an online tutor. Many introverts are happy to deal with people as long as it is not face-to-face, and this career can fit the bill. People will pay to learn something new or to get help for their children if they are struggling with a subject at school. It can be very gratifying to help other people in this way, as well as being a great way to earn your living.


College Application Advisor


Introverts prefer to work on a one-to-one basis and are often able to give insightful advice. It can be very difficult for students to know which college will best suit their needs, and as a college application advisor, your job would be to make sure they make the right choice.  


It starts with a simple email from the parents or students and then perhaps meeting where you get to know them and understand what they want to achieve.  Much of the work involves researching colleges and universities so that you can find the right fit.


Successful Low-Cost Business Ideas


The key to the success of any business is meeting deadlines, keeping promises and ensuring the work is good quality. Meet those criteria and your business is likely to thrive. Fail in them and you will have put in a lot of time and effort for no reason, and could then be looking for a job with someone else.

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