Introverts belong in PR. I know it sounds odd. It sounds like a paradox. If you are an introvert, you might laugh right now. You might think I’m crazy. But I’m not. For about 50% I’m an introvert myself, and PR is my favorite way to promote my business. In fact, I have written a big guide here with all the information to do PR & free publicity yourself. As a PR professional, you don’t need to be outgoing. You need to be good at communicating. And it’s a general misconception that all introverts, are poor communicators. You know why?

Introverts are calm

They come across calm, something that’s absolutely necessary in moments of crisis, something you’ll have to deal with every now and then as a PR professional. You may have to give a statement about what’s happening internally, and then it’s best to come across a bit reserved and calm. You have it under control right?! While others still panic, scream and make a big fuss out of the problem, you already moved back to your desk to come up with a strategic action plan.

Introverts pay attention

Introverts are better listeners and tend to listen first before they speak. These are excellent skills for PR professionals, you will notice in a few seconds what that journalist actually needs, or how to tell that story your client just told you in a more compelling, storytelling way. This is less important if you’re doing PR for your OWN business, but when you do it for others, it’s your golden ticket to success. People love to be understood and nothing makes your work more important for a client than knowing that you hear them.

Introverts tend not to actively search for the spotlight

And when you’re working in PR, you need to work behind the scenes. It’s often not about you, it’s about your client. So you’re the person standing at the door of the hottest party with the guest list, you’re not inside the hottest party. You’re giving instructions at the beginning of the red carpet, you’re not on it. You’re standing next to the camera, giving the person in front of the camera tips or instructions. It’s actually pretty sad when I write this down haha, but it’s not about you at all. And that’s okay for most introverts. When you’re doing PR for your OWN company, you actually have to be on that red carpet or in front of the camera, and that can be scary for most introverts. Just remember, done is better than perfect and I bet it’s done before you know it. In the worst case, just never watch it 😉

Introverts are great team players

They know what they’re good at and are comfortable delegating the tasks that are better for other colleagues. Introverts know what other people’s strengths are after all the observing, resulting in better team results.

Introverts know their limits

Introverts need to recharge after social events, so they’ll only pick a few, instead of all. They know they need to recharge after, and will never over plan. This benefits them on the work floor, they’ll feel energetic and more efficient when they need to. While extroverts may dip their toes in too many parties the night before, ending in a hangover work day, this will never happen to an introvert. Introverts are therefore also better prepared at meetings and events because while they recharge, they tend to (over) think things.

I’m not claiming that introverts are better at public relations, I’m just saying, leave the option open and don’t brush it off as a job for extroverts. Try to implement PR in your business as your go-to marketing promotion – it’s a good fit! For me it feels more natural than other promotion ways, and it’s one of the reasons why I love free publicity and PR! 

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