So you’re thinking of starting a new business, or you’re testing the waters to find out if there’s anything out there for you? First of all, congratulations. Making any step towards building your future should be recognized. But second of all, and most importantly, it’s time to find the right business for you to start.

From setting up your business and finding customers to then promoting your business and making money, it can be tough. But if you choose a niche or industry that you not only suits your personality but are passionate about too, you really can make it work.


If you like your space and being within your company, consider yourself a good listener, are quite calm and more reserved, it’s likely that you’re an introvert. Based on your personality traits, you might find that certain career choices, in sales, for example, might not be suited to you. But, there are career paths that are great for introverts, such as an artist or researcher. So, if you’re looking to start your own business, think about the qualities you have that use can use. If you can drive, maybe a specialist chauffeur company would suit you, or you even try your own podcast!

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Shy But Social

Perhaps you’re shy, but you still love to be around people. Depending on how creative you are, you could start a business that is centered around your talents. A career as a freelance photographer is perfect for people that are quite shy, but also relatively sociable. As a photographer, you may spend a lot of time on your own. But, if your subject is people, then it’s likely that you’ll never be alone. Working on a photography business that focuses on portraits could be a fantastic path for you to take.

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If you’re outgoing, there are some new and exciting industries that could suit you. If you’re good with sales, your prospects could be even better. But you’ll also need the talent to go with your forward personality. It’s likely that you’ll want to be surrounded by people in your work, so opening a shop could be a great avenue – you’ll just need to decide what to sell. If that’s too generic, then starting a money-making blog, or capitalizing on your online presence could be a past-faced, current career path for you to break into.

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Social Butterfly

If you’re the life and soul of any social event and you can think of nothing better than spreading your passion for parties, then why not utilize your personality and profit from it. Becoming a party planner is one often for the flourishing social butterfly in you. But if the idea of all that coordinating companies seems a little too much, you could plan your parties. Starting a business that allows you to do that could be having your own party bus and hiring it out to others (you can find tips on how to start a party bus business here).

Regardless of your personality type, there are so many choices of companies for you to start. All it takes it a little time, a lot of hard work and an endless amount of passion and you could be on your way to starting a business that was meant for you.

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