• Fraser Island K gari by Noni May with Dropbear Adventures

    K’gari (also known as Fraser Island) tour, tips + photo diary

    As soon as you enter Australia and you start backpacking, you hear people talking about Fraser Island and how amazing it is. But somehow, I waited way too long to travel the East Coast (I blame you Melbourne!), but this winter (or European summer) I finally did it.

    Fraser Island is the world’s biggest sand island, and a heritage-listed island in Queensland, Australia. Visiting is a must if you’re close by but there’s only one problem. (more…)

  • Experiencing Animals in Beautiful Botswana

    Experiencing Animals in Beautiful Botswana

    Let’s face it, lying on the beach with a cold drink in your hand is a glorious place to be. But if you fancy doing something a little different, why not go somewhere where you can see some of the world’s most fascinating animal species, and explore a completely different landscape? When people think about vacationing in Africa, they think of popular tourist spots like Marrakech and Cape Town- but why not go for something a little more wild and wonderful instead? Botswana consists of high plateau tablelands with hills and mountains offering spectacular scenery and plenty of great opportunities to see animals too. Here are some of the ways you can encounter animals while you’re visiting. (more…)

  • The different ways to see the world’s biggest island

    The different ways to see the world’s biggest island

    The world has so much wonder and joy to offer travelers. From the rainforests of South America to the frozen wastes of Antarctica, most people don’t get to see much of the planet they call home. This is a shame, though. Nowadays, the world is more connected than ever. Going to other countries is affordable if you put in the right work. And, it can be done through a variety of methods. One post can’t cover the entire world, though. So, instead, this post will be going through some of the best ways to see the largest island in the world; Australia. Now, you just have to pack your bags and get out there. (more…)

  • 4 Amazing day trips from Byron Bay

    4 Amazing day trips from Byron Bay

    When you visit Australia, you should make sure you visit Byron Bay, as many find it a magical place. But to be honest, there aren’t many attractions, and you need to know where to go when you visit. Try to talk to locals or people that visited before, to get all the know how to have a great time in Byron Bay. Some people only spend a couple of days and some never leave… whatever you do, make sure you don’t rule out giving these amazing day trips a chance!  (more…)

  • Hello Osaka, what a welcome!

    Hello Osaka, what a welcome! | Japan Travel Diary

    When I first arrived in Osaka after a very long (20+hrs flight and stop-over) from Australia I wasn’t tired at all. I was super excited to finally be in Japan for the first time! I knew Japan Wireless was waiting for me back at my place, so I only had to make it to the place without struggles or internet. It was way later than I calculated before due to the long queues (3hours) at the rail station to get my preordered pass. So I had to follow a different travel schedule as the metro I was supposed to take didn’t even go anymore. It was late at night, and I realized when I was on the train that check-in time had ended. Stressed, because arriving in the middle of the night in a new place is never ideal, I hurried as much as I could. Everything went super smooth, the train system in Japan is genius (more…)

  • Working Holiday Guide: Oceania, New Zealand, Australia: before you depart checklist & pack list

    Working Holiday Guide: Oceania, New Zealand, Australia: before you depart checklist & pack list

    Working Holiday Oceania, New Zealand, Australia checklist for aspiring ‘working holidayers’. Planning a working holiday abroad? Great news for digital nomads! From 1 January 2017, you can be up to 35 years old for an Australian working holiday visa! Super excited, as this gives more people the chance to experience my favorite part of the world (so far away from home, though… ). Time to do a checklist for aspiring working holidayers, just to make your life easier, and so I can use it as a reference for myself! (more…)

  • Why Vegas should be your next destination

    Why Vegas should be your next destination

    There are a huge number of destinations in the US which have many different attractions going for them, but there are very few places which can do anything to match Las Vegas. The fact is, of all the many cities and other locations in this huge country, there is nowhere that offers such a wide and diverse array of experiences as Las Vegas. If you have never been before, then you probably have a relatively fixed image of this city in your head – and, chances are, it is not entirely accurate. Although it is known for a few choice things, the fact is that Vegas has plenty to offer besides, and looking into some of these is bound to encourage you to consider it for your next destination. If your next trip is around the US, here’s why you might want to consider stopping over in Las Vegas at least once. (more…)