It’s that problem we all face at some point. Yes, there are those people that are lucky enough to have found a career where they have landed on their feet seem to be set up for life, but as time goes on, things come into focus. And the question of settling down may come up, or maybe we’ve forged a good career path, and we don’t want to rock the boat. This respect, the question of happiness vs career is one that we have to ask. It shouldn’t be this way, but if we’re trying to navigate this, what should we be looking at?  

Have You Got Financial Security?

The right job can be a wonderful thing, and while the right job could be to do with the duties, for someone else it could be to do with the perks. In life, we are trying to reconcile job security with job purpose. If you don’t have financial security, and you’re thinking about marriage or children, you need to decide if you want this security so you can do what you want in life. So many people choose to be self-employed, or they have an abundance of debt, and as such, so many people that want to become parents or settle down feel that they need some form of security before they can progress to the next stage of their life. While there are financial resources out there, like consolidating a bad credit loan or claiming bankruptcy, if you’re someone who doesn’t have financial security, especially now in this unsure climate do you think you will be better off by having this security? Of course, now, we hear so many stories about families going to food banks, children not having clothes for school, and these can petrify us to the very core. If you want to provide for your children, then you’ll have to decide what your definition of financial security is. In which case, getting a job that provides that should be priority number one.

Have You Done All You Can Do In Your Job?

If you have worked up the career ladder and you have that job security, are you happy to stay where you are for the rest of your life? Many people change careers halfway through their lives, and as such, they end up rocking the boat. Jumping ship from a career that promised so much, but only to a certain point. Yes, we can take a job because it’s financially secure, or maybe it’s a job that provided fulfilment, but now you find yourself coasting. In which case, going to another career is just the equivalent of starting again. And it seems that now, jobs aren’t a “forever thing”. Many people don’t have that job security or find themselves concerned about redundancies after only a few years. As such, if we’re looking to provide some form of security for ourselves which we think will make us happy, and leaves us in the best possible position to have children or settle down, we may find ourselves starting all over again anyway, only this time with children in tow. As such, do you think it’s best to put your life on hold until you find the so-called perfect job? Because it seems that it doesn’t exist.

Are You Looking For Something More?

We are all looking for something more. We can get bored in our jobs, and look for the next challenge. But these days, there is such a worry that if you bring children into a world of uncertainty, or you think that you’re only going to be happy once you’ve earned a certain amount of money that when you attain those goals your realise that there is still a degree of uncertainty, no matter how much you perceive to be the desired amount of money to earn. Happiness in life is defined by what you do for a job or how much you earn. But it can seem that the perception is that because we have to give so much to our jobs these days. As such, that work-life balance debate rages on. It’s expected that we give 110%, even to a job that we hate. And as such, it is hardly a surprise that so many people start their own businesses because they’re looking for that adventure. But when you look at life on the face of it, you know that you should trust your instincts, and do what makes you happy. But it seems that we are being forced to stay where we are, and not follow our dreams, because we live in uncertain times. But the fact is, it’s your life, and you need to think about you. You don’t want any regrets.

Happiness Isn’t In The Job…

And if you think that happiness is about getting the right career, the fact of the matter is, that any job, even your most ideal one, becomes “a job” after a while. There are those who have achieved greatness, but what do they do? They don’t sit up in their ivory tower, happy with what they’ve done- they push further! Those entrepreneurs and millionaires start to give back. And, you may be thinking, “what’s the point of this? This doesn’t relate to me!” Well, if those that achieved greatness in their desired field haven’t sat back complacent, but are still pushing for more, you’ve got to think about if your desired career is going to make you completely happy. Some people love their work, but they’re also happy to leave it in the office come 5 pm!

We can fixate on the perfect job solving all of our problems. But if we’re putting our job first before our needs and desires in life, we will soon begin to resent the job. As we may have desires to be parents or to settle down, but life tells us that we need to get a job. By all means, we need an income, but don’t think that this is everything we need. Because if you find the career that you think you want, and it doesn’t fulfil you, you will be back to square one. Focus on making life as fulfilling as possible.

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