The people who are able to save money effectively are few and far between. Saving is something that is just really hard to do. Giving up buying stuff now to get more in the future is rather abstract to most people.

What’s more, saving requires constant discipline. You can’t be a good saver online on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then not the rest of the week. Saving is something that you have to do every day of the week. One massive spending spree at your favorite online retailer can completely derail your efforts. (Think ASOS).

So with that said, are there any hacks that can help you get around this rather annoying problem. Do you have to be a Trappist monk to save in the 21st century? Or are there shortcuts that make the whole thing a lot easier? Check out the following. 

This is how to trick yourself into saving more money fast

Make more money

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If you’re not a type that creates a lot, I suggest you get into email marketing, everyone can write emails right?

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Find That Motivating Factor – And Tape It To Your Credit Card Holder

There’s a reason all of us want to save. It might be to buy a new laptop. It could be for a car. It could be so that our children have an education.

Here’s an idea: get a holder for all your credit cards and tape the picture of what you really want to it. Every time you pick up your credit card, you’ll see a picture of that thing you really want. Maybe it’ll help you think twice before blowing $40 on a takeaway on Friday night.

Put Money Into A Savings Account – And Keep It There

In the old days, people weren’t able to access the money in their “savings accounts.” This was because the banks had already passed that money on to somebody else to use. All the saver had was a promise that the bank would repay them at some point in the future, with interest. They had to wait, often for many years, before they could get hold of their money again.

It was a great system. It forced savers to actually save. Today, of course, that’s all changed. But savings accounts that hold on to your money for a set period of time still do exist. You can learn about the benefits of endowment plans as they’re called here. Once you pay in, you have to wait. At the end of the waiting period, you’ll get paid a fixed sum more than the amount you initially saved. If you want, you can then reinvest that money in another endowment plan.

Always broke? This is how to trick yourself into saving more

Have A “Waiting Rule” For Impulse Purchases

Why are we all working so hard? Is it because we like it? Or it is because we want cool stuff? For most people, it’s the latter. We want cool stuff: it’s what makes working hard worth it.

The problem is that the modern world is full of things that are just so shiny. Millions of marketers are busting a gut to get us to part with our cash. And they’re succeeding, like never before.

Here’s a tip: set up a waiting rule for all new flashy purchases. If you see a new camera that you really want, don’t just buy it on impulse. Force yourself to wait a couple of weeks. If you still want it, then get it. You’ll find that this technique helps to weed out unnecessary impulse purchases.

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