Sustainability is the number one concern for the modern household. If we are to maintain our living standards, we have to comply with the new regulations that are coming into force. There are several dates around the world that culminate in 2020, 2040 and 2050, regarding sustainability in living. Our commercial offices, transport resources and even our homes will change forever. So rather than ignore the benefits of this and wait for the change, how about you make these awesome alterations right now? Here’s how to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable to live in.

Turn the AC off

The air conditioning is by far, one of the largest expenses that you face every month. The reason for this is, during the summer, it costs more money to make hot air, cool and blast it throughout the house. You can do a number of things to make your home naturally cooler.

  • When you are getting your washing out of the washing machine next time, hang the largest clothes on the windows, and then open them. The breeze that ventures into the home, will hit the cold wet clothes and this will create a cooling effect in the home.
  • You can also wash your clothes in cold water cycles, so they can be hung on the radiators and staircases, and the home becomes cooler as they dry.
  • Placing ice cubes in front of a fan, will generate a lot of cold air which can be shoved around the house. The ice cubes will naturally melt, but their cold vapors will be shunted by the fan, and thus, your home temperature begins to fall.

Harness the sun

Every single new home in the future, probably past 2020, will come with solar panel roof tiles. For major home manufacturers, the main concern is to make it affordable in their gigantic projects. However, a solar company that has been tried and tested is available for residents now. They’ll come over to your home and plan out where they’ll fit the solar panels to get the maximum amount of sunshine at all hours of the day. They will then fit the solar panels onto your roof or perhaps even, in your garden or on another structure such as a garden shed or garden house. You’ll be saving so much money every year, because you can use it to heat your water, use your kitchen appliances and lighting, etc.

Less cleaning 

Most households vacuum once and weak and use hot water to wipe down their home. You can do less cleaning and thus, less wasting of energy if you do a few simple things. Growing herbs inside your house or just by the windows, will keep the flies out. Spiders will also be less inclined to be inside the house and thus, there’s fewer cobwebs and fly eggs being laid.

Every modern home will one day make today’s living standards look shoddy. We can make our own energy via solar panels and also, keep our homes cool the old fashioned way. 

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