Running a blog or content business can come with a lot of ups and downs. When you first start out, it’s always an exciting venture to embark on. You literally have the whole web at your fingertips.

Then, as you start to get into, you can often find that things feel a little stale. Sometimes, these are down to you and you being too hard on yourself. But sometimes, it’s because you’re not doing anything new.

So, when you feel like you need to shake things up a little, excite your audience and boost your results, try one of these engaging ways to get a little more traction.

Do A Redesign

One of the first things that might work for you is the idea of doing a site redesign. If you find that you’re feeling bored of your site, it may be something that’s fun for you too. So find a web designer, that can take on the task for you. You can often launch your new design in a really exciting way too. Relaunches can really attract interest with your readers, affiliates and your business partners too. So, it can be a win-win for everyone.

Try Live Streaming

Another idea would be to give live streaming a go. Now, you could do this in a few different ways. Firstly, you could try it on social sites like Facebook or Instagram that allow you to go live. You could publicize this on your blog with a specific time or date to get your audience interested. Or, if you have the technology available, you could try something on your website, or even work with a Google hangout.

Start A New Series

Next, you might want to think about trying out a new series on your blog. Even if you have set categories that you post about, you will often find that a specific series on a key topic can have great traction with your readers. If you want to get more traffic and earn more money, it’s a great way to give your readers something to look forwards to each week, and even draw in a new crowd too.

Launch A Product

If you want to push your blog to the next level, as well as engage your audience, you should consider ecommerce. Sometimes, launching a product is the next step for a blogger. Whether it’s something free or downloadable, or even a branding item in its own right, a product can be really exciting for your audience. It also allows you to add another string to your blogging bow.

Host A Giveaway

You may also want to consider hosting a giveaway on your blog. Giveaways are great for drumming up excitement among your audience and even gaining new readers too. By holding a competition that requires your audience to take action, you will definitely find that your traffic increases and sometimes so can your revenue.

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