We all have dreams and aspirations in life, when you are trying to set up a career in the creative realm, for example, it can be difficult to balance the act of making money while also still remaining creative.

For a lot of people, being creative or working in a creative aspect means making little to no money. A good example is those working in the acting arena, it is said that 70% of all actors, from the top of the pecking order to the lowest, are out of work at any one time. Luckily in the blogosphere, it’s possible to start earning money and turning it into a career, but how can you do both, working towards this, while also having your way without turning into a starving artist?

Freelance On The Side

There are many benefits for the aspiring blogger to freelance on the side, apart from the fact that you are gaining experience and useful contacts that will very possibly help you down the line, freelancing on the side is feasible to do around a full-time job.

Many bloggers and creative types have full-time jobs because this is the only way to fund their creative pursuits. If you don’t know where to begin, there are many freelance websites you can register for, from upwork.com, People Per Hour, or sometimes you can get an entry into the world of freelance by social media or even Fiverr.

Set Up A Secure Life

This is not the most appealing option, but if you set up a secure life by getting onto the property ladder and spending a few years building up your finances, it leaves you in a much better position to go freelance and to start building up your dream career or start a business.

You can find a breakdown here of the real costs of a five-figure blog business because running a blog business isn’t free anymore.

As you can see, you pay monthly fees for programs like this tool to schedule your Instagram posts, programs to schedule your Pinterest pins, the pro version of this awesome platform to host your online courses to earn money, and the special software for bloggers to email your newsletters and to automatically deliver your free online courses and content upgrades and monthly investments in online courses to stay on top of your affiliate marketing strategies and things like the constant changing algorithm of Facebook Ads

By purchasing your own home, it can take a lot of worry out of the equation because you don’t have to worry about crooked landlords threatening to kick you out or issues with rent because the monthly payment for your mortgage would be considerably less than rent. But to get to this point, apart from the deposit, you need to make sure that your finances are in check and your credit score is good. A bad credit score can impact your life, and especially when you need money to purchase equipment for blogging purposes, such as a new computer, these things don’t come cheap, so it’s handy to make sure your credit score is in a good state. There are sites like creditrepair.co that can help if you are thinking about setting up a secure life ahead of you going into a freelance career.

Many people don’t think about it from this perspective, but now with more competition in terms of a freelance capacity, you want to be focusing your efforts on winning contracts, rather than stressing about making rent!

Get all the knowledge you need before quitting

Make sure you have enrolled in all the online courses you need to start with a bang before you quit your job. When you have all the knowledge you need on the day you’re ‘free’, you set yourself up for success. Educate yourself on what it really means to run a professional blog business.

You can download my free checklist making money blogging with a small following here or down below:

These are three methods, the first method would be doing in addition to a full-time job, which is what a lot of people do. And the second and third options are ones that are quite sensible, but on the other hand, you may not start to pursue your goals until a bit later in life. It is difficult to venture into a freelance career like blogging, but make sure you have your wits about you and have your priorities firmly in place.

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