Nobody said this life would be easy, especially when money is involved. So, if you want to become a winner, you must learn how to play the game. Otherwise, you could be asking for trouble.

Keeping your finances in great health is hard enough without taking those additional elements into account. Therefore, it’s vital that you make yourself aware of potential problems. Only then will you be able to overcome them in style. Here’s how to prepare you for bad financial times as a blogger and small business owner

Set up a side hustle, to prepare when things get bad at your 9 to 5

Yes, it’s not impossible to set up a side hustle that earns money these days, so don’t wait for things to get bad at your job, do it today!

I love blogging as you know, which makes a great side hustle. There are bloggers that earn over 2 million a year, or $50,000 per month… just by writing about things they love.

If you want to get started with blogging, read my super easy 4-step tutorial on How to start a WordPress blog and 50+ ways to make money online from home for blog monetization tips.

Sign your blog up for blog networks that set up paid collaborations with brands and your blog. Even when you just start out as a blogger, it’s possible to make money blogging with a small following.

Set up recurring passive income before things get bad

Recurring passive income can help you when things get bad. It’s money that comes in every month, without you having to do the work for it, it sets you up for financial security.

Get started by having others promote your work when you sell things by using affiliate marketing, or when you’re a blogger or social media influencer, get started with using affiliate links in your social media feed and blog. More affiliate marketing strategies here.

Create an online course and create an evergreen sales funnel to promote it.

Here are 50+ ways you can earn recurring passive income. I talk more about recurring passive income in my course $5k in 21-days, check it out here.

Grow your emergency fund

Having an emergency fund is now more important than ever. Last minute house moving, medical expenses, computer hacks etc., you need an emergency fund. Both in your private life and business life.

Think a couple of month’s expenses. Let’s say $5000 to start with, preferably more. You’ll feel more relaxed, and less stress once you have one. Enroll in my course challenge to earn as much money as you can in just 21 days.

Inflation is sky high

Living costs continue to rise at an extortionate rate, far quicker than the increase in average salaries. Not only does that put most people at a disadvantage in the immediate future, but it also creates a long-term problem too. The key to beating the system lies with investments.

Bank savings accounts won’t see your money grow quick enough. However, investing in real estate and other lucrative markets can. Of course, it’s important to remember that those activities do present risks. Nonetheless, they are easily the most likely way to stay ahead of the game to secure your financial future. 

Support doesn’t always show itself

When it comes to financial health, every little help. Support is available in a variety of situations. Unfortunately, the assistance isn’t going to approach you. As an upshot, millions miss out on potential entitlements and financial savings.

This could range from medical prescription cards and childcare support to grocery coupons or cheaper bills. Companies that provide services like cell phones often won’t tell you about upgrades either. Maintain good organization and always ask a few questions. For the sake of a tiny effort, it could shave hundreds off of your annual spending.   

Know everything about your finances to the dot

Know everything you need to know about your finances to not be surprised. When you know all your expenses, you know how much you need to earn to not make a loss.

Also, read the real costs of running a business, so you can see how much my business costs are and see which expenses you shouldn’t forget once you make your list.

Unforeseen issues can bring disaster 

Most people struggle to keep their finances in good health at the best of times. Very few are prepared to cope with financial mishaps, and that could cause major long-term damage. By their very nature, unforeseen incidents will take you by surprise. Nonetheless, it’s vital that you prepare for the worst. A rainy day savings jar is just the start. 

The fact of the matter is that many issues transcend purely financial matters. A criminal defense attorney might save your reputation and freedom following false accusations. Facing punishment for something that wasn’t your fault would be the most unfair situation of all.

Enjoyment is always an option

In an ideal world, we’d all get paid millions for doing jobs that we love. Sadly, wanting to be an entrepreneur doesn’t always mean you can. Likewise, having a passion for music or basketball won’t guarantee a successful career in those fields. Sometimes, appreciating your talents and limitations is the most important factor of all.   

There’s nothing wrong with maintaining those hobbies. After all, a good work-life balance is vital and you shouldn’t feel forced to do a job you hate. Nonetheless, we all have financial responsibilities, and following the money is often a necessary evil. Sorry about that, but you’ll thank me in the long run. Here’s how you can make money with your hobby


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