When you think about it, finding a job seems harder than ever before. The market is oversaturated with unattainable positions and companies you’ve never heard of offering them, and it’s also filled to the brim with people looking for jobs that perfectly suit their skills and talents. It wouldn’t be so bad a mission if all those ‘good’ positions weren’t already filled!

There’s a lot of new sectors out there these days, and new ideas for paid positions are being thought of on a seemingly daily basis. People often prefer o turn to other forms of regular employment; new ones you never would have seen 20 or so years ago, that pay the bills and keep food in the house. Usually these jobs are found via the online world, and often people aim to become ‘influencers’ with their own little platforms. But let’s say you don’t want any part of that – what are you meant to do?

So it’s clear something needs to be done, and you need to refine your employment strategy for better success. So with that in mind, here’s a couple of ideas on how you could better find yourself a job in today’s market. After all, only rarely do we get helped through a process like this!

Ready to scan carefully through all the bad ads to find one worth your time and attention? 

Join a Recruitment Agency

It might not be the career future you dreamed of for yourself when you were little, but being able to sign up to an agency that receives the best and brightest in terms of job offers is indispensable in the modern day and age. You’ll have a whole team of people on your side, matching you to a job that perfectly suits your CV description, and will even do most of the networking with the resulting company for you. They work mostly in favor of the companies here, so you can be sure they only match the two of you up when they’re sure you’re a good fit.

You can find a permanent job position through recruitment agencies, or you can hop from part time to part time position as you please. Either way, a recruitment agency allows you to be at the top of the hiring pool within your sector, both in your local area and on a potentially international scale. Of course, this depends on what recruitment agency you end up signing on with, but always make sure you join more than just the one.

It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know!

And in the modern world, that means social media. If you’ve got a social media platform, literally billions of people can be accessed via the mobile phone in your hand, or the computer on the desk in front of you. Imagine the potential outreach here, for someone who’s looking for a job and knows there’s someone less than five degrees away who can help them out…

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn, are all great social media platforms for people looking for a new job. Hey, LinkedIn is all about building a professional network, so you should definitely make sure your presence is known there. The sheer amount of connectivity that can be found here is something the human race has never ever experienced before, and that means you stay constantly in the know, especially when companies ping the web looking for a new hire. Have the notifications sent straight to your phone, make friends with people inside the company you’re looking to work for – social media will never let you down with staying alert.

You can even join facebook groups for people looking to buff out their CVs, or groups on how to shortcut your way to the job of your dreams, and get recommendations from people in similar positions, or people who have impressed fair and square with their exploits in the past. Mention that you’re on the lookout for a new place, and you can get all kinds of recommendations – maybe you’re on the lookout for work in a law office, and someone simply recommends you to search out an Online Law program, or maybe someone knows someone in the nearby paralegal center, and can get you a line in.

Try Out Self Employment

Being self employed is the new black, so make sure it’s on your list for employment possibility! More and more people are finding themselves extremely dissatisfied with the job market, and thus, they turn their attentions inward to make money and feed their families. After all, why work for someone else when you can work perfectly well for yourself?

If you’re good with computer code, think about becoming a web designer or developer. If you’ve got skil with the written word, the freelance writing world might be a good fit for you. If you’ve got a social media account you’re very proud of, with a follower account that’s nothing to sneeze at, why not think about moonlighting as a social media manager? All in all, if you’re someone with a trade, or someone who knows they can easily pick one up, then trying your hand at being your own boss is a great move here.

Of course, you’re going to have to go through all kinds of tax rigmarole when you register as someone who is self employed, but you do have much greater control over what you earn and what you have to pay out based on your income. And seeing as it only takes a couple to three years for people to properly establish themselves as an up and coming mover and shaker in their industry, you’ve got a good chance to have a five to six figure in your pocket by the start of the next decade.

Ready to Find a Job?

Of course you are, you need one after all! Just make sure you’re looking in the right places, and using the right services to really increase your chances.


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