When I arrived in Beijing it took me about 3 hours to get my visa, to pass the security check, to get some money and to get into one of the legal taxis in front of the airport. It was one of the scariest moments at airports, I was so scared that something would go wrong, either with the visa or with the security check, because I already passed the check before when I had a layover at Beijing airport and it is serious.

You have to take out everything.

From mobile chargers to external hard drives… and yes, I travel with all.

Laptop, tablet, mobiles, chargers, DSL… a real airport security horror.

But everything went super smooth this time because I was more prepared than the first time for such a heavily check.

By the time we reached the city, the sun was setting already and the sky was covered in beautiful pink clouds.

The taxi chauffeur didn’t speak English, nor did anyone else, which is always a challenge.

So it was just me and my dreamy thoughts.

I wondered why he had the window open, for fresh air? In Beijing? During rush hour? While under the pink clouds it was just grey smog?

Of course, I couldn’t ask him, but I knew I could better wear my facemask, so I did. ????

In the taxi I did not expect to see what I did, the Beijing architecture is super interesting and modern seen from the highway, and then once you’re in the city you can visit all the old imperial style buildings and temples.

Beijing has a range of architectural styles, but the three most prevalent are the traditional imperial style (the Forbidden City), the “Sino-Sov” style (boxy structures built between the 1950s and 70s), and lastly the explosion of a modern corporate style – seen from the highway.

I wish I had my camera with me in the car but unfortunately, I hadn’t.

But to remember this moment, my first minutes in China I’m happy to share my first China sights!

And if you’re into architecture, make sure you head to Beijing!

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