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When a new year comes we like to set ourselves goals to reach throughout the year, a popular one on people’s lists is to start a new hobby. I think that it is a great idea to have hobbies that distract you from work and the daily stressing of life, finding something you are passionate about can help calm you and challenge your brain all at the same time. It looks hard to pick up hobbies in your 20s or later, but picking up hobbies later in life is great! Especially when there’s another quarantine there’s no reason to not pick up adult hobbies. If you are struggling to find a hobby that suits you take a look at our list below and see if any of them take your fancy.

Crochet or Knitting

If you are good with your hands and like taking your time creating things, then crochet or knitting might be for you. You can make wonderful creations using wool and they always make great gifts. The great thing about crochet or knitting is that you can take it anywhere, just pop it in your bag and pull it out when you are on a long train journey or waiting for a friend to arrive.


You don’t have to be a professional artist to paint, just pick up a paintbrush and experiment with colours, different paint types and styles. Painting is a great way to express yourself, so next time you are feeling inspired, dig out the paints and give the canvas a good old paint. With practice you will see your creations improve over time.


If you like to be active then think about starting up a new sport. Most sports require more than one person so find a local group or team to join or gather some friends and head down to your local park or sports center to practice your new skills.


Maybe you have always thought about acting but never had the confidence to start, well this is your year to be outgoing and achieve those goals you have always wanted to do. Find a local acting class and sign up today, it’s a great way to meet like minded people.

Stock Market

If you are looking for something a little more challenging then consider learning the ways of the stock market. It’s a great hobby to have as if done right you could make some good money out of it. There are many avenues when trading, if crypto currency interests you check out swyftx.au to get you started.

Money Making Hobbies

I’m the first to say that a hobby should be something that brings you down and maybe even calms you down. But my favorite hobbies are luckily for me, still money making hobbies. As a true marketing content creator, I love to create content to get creative by for example writing or photographing (my two main creative hobbies I’d say – I made them my work) and spin it in a way that I’d make money off them. So of course blogging combines these two hobbies (learn here how to start a blog) and so does getting started with email marketing or any of these money making hobbies!

Reading or Writing

We say we would like to read more and in a world full of technology we tend to choose films and series over books. Set yourself a goal to read at lead 5 books this year, whether they be educational or fictional. If you are a keen reader already, maybe try your hand at writing your own book or starting a journal. Writing is a great way to express your inner thoughts or test your creativity.

I love all these hobby ideas and hope you have found one that resonates with you. Whilst you are here check out or tips on A Guide To Facing Your Fears In 2022.

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