If you’re getting itchy feet in your current job role and have your sights on bigger and better things, follow our tips on how to start effectively climbing those ranks and getting to where you want to be.

Personal Branding

The staff that always stand out are those that go that extra mile. The staff that oozes enthusiasm and positivity and that shows themselves to be completely committed to the company.

As we progress through any company, we are continually creating our own personal brand and that is a very important part of our career that we should be focused on. So ask yourself ‘how do you want to be perceived by your managers and colleagues alike?’, then think about how you can go about achieving that image. Give yourself three main values that you would like to be able to pride yourself on in your career remind yourself of them daily to stay on track with building a really solid, reliable and consistent personal brand.

Further Study

Sometimes some higher and more senior positions demand a much higher level of knowledge in that business area. Therefore there are times when one of the best solutions is to turn to further studies. It sounds tough balancing a full time job with studying for a masters degree, and whilst it’s not going to be easy, it is highly do-able. So if you’re finding your next leg up up in business particularly difficult speak to your boss about further study. Some companies offer sponsorship or some sort of financial help, others don’t. But at least talking to your boss will give you a good indication as to whether any further study will allow you to take on more responsibility within your company.

From there you will want to look at the different degrees in your area of business. Look at well rounded courses like a master in operations management if you work for a product based business. If your business is more service orientated that you may want to look around for courses that focus more on communication and marketing, for example.

Don’t be Afraid of Challenges

So many people can fall into the trap of fearing to do things differently. It is all too easy to just fall into line and follow a set formula of how things are done. However if you are really serious about progressing, upwards, within your company you are going to start thinking about things a little differently. It takes time to really conquer this, but leaders are not afraid of taking chances. It is irrelevant how many turn into successes and how many fail, the most important thing is that you learn from both the mistakes and successes in order to continue to grown.

Many successful businessmen will say that the best and most important lessons they learnt are through the mistakes that they made, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Innovative and creative thinking is always recognised and is a great attribute for anyone ambitious and wanting to progress to the next level in their career.