If you know you’re an independent person, you probably don’t like doing any job in which you have to have a boss watching your every move. You work hard, even if nobody is checking up on your productivity. Actually, you work even harder if you’re left to manage yourself.As an independent person, it’s not easy to find a job that works for you. Whether you’re tired of your current role and want a change, or you’re investigating career options for the first time, these career ideas for independent people might be of help to you. 

Be An Entrepreneur

One of the best career options for independent people is starting your own business. Whether you start a business online, translate the skills you learned in a major industry to run your own consultancy, what could be better suited to an independently-minded person than the opportunity to be your own boss? You’ll be responsible for your own success and work as many hours as you like without someone else setting your targets or deciding what you should be paid. You may have pre-existing industry skills or experience to parlay into a sound business idea. For example, Peter DiTommaso took his wealth of experience as a leader in construction to new heights when he launched his own firm.

Get Extra Training 

Investing in additional training can be a good idea once you know what type of work appeals to you. As well suited for the job as you may be, it can be difficult (but not impossible) to break in without experience. Investigate practical training courses that will open doors for you and make it easier to hit the ground running. For example, training or apprenticeship as a tradesman would stand you in good stead as an independent contractor, giving you the freedom to choose your own destiny. Once you own your own transport and tools, you’re in the driver’s seat of your career. As an independent person, you’ll love the chance to take control that extra training.


The education system plays home to some of society’s most fiercely independent souls. A long, satisfying career as a lecturer or teacher offers tons of opportunities to follow your own curiosity while ensuring that bills are paid at the end of the month. Lecturing at university could give you the freedom to design your very own curriculum based around things you are interested in and have studied, so boredom is sure to be a thing of the past. One of the main reasons the education track tends to draw independent people is that educational institutions famously offer an unpressured environment to foster creativity and discovery. Working on your own special project that you have faith is a great opportunity to show what you can do when you’re left to your own devices.

Whether you love to work with your hands or use your problem-solving skills, independent people are often unhappy in their jobs. They don’t like the pressure of working to other people’s ideas of what success looks like, and they tend to avoid careers with rail-road straight tracks. These career suggestions will help you find the right job for you.

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