If you want to make it in the modern business world then you need to be thick-skinned. Having an entrepreneurial mindset is part of the package, but being smart and motivated isn’t enough to help you stand out from the hundreds of other businesses run by smart and motivated entrepreneurs much like you. You need to focus on the gap in the market; you need to find a way to make your business address a problem faced by consumers that isn’t being solved by another company out there. If you’re wondering what your business could do to squeeze into that gap in the market then here are some ideas.

Reach your target market

Your ultimate goal, when it comes to finding the gap in the market, is to attract target consumers and build a strong client-base through providing certain types of products or services that other businesses in your respective industry just aren’t offering. The key to success then is to think about things from the perspective of the consumer. When you’re not running your business, you’re buying goods from businesses too. What do you look for in a good brand? Being different isn’t about reinventing the wheel; you just need to stand out from your competitors. Your brand needs to be exciting, and you could offer great deals, discounts, or fun perks which come from being a loyal customer to your company.

It’s important that you’re not pushy. If you want to reach your target market then you have to let them come to you. Many businesses don’t like that idea, but impatience leads to the creation of annoying adverts placed on websites which deter people from using your business. Don’t let your name become associated with annoying, pushy marketing. Instead, optimize your website so that, when people search for terms related to your industry, your business’ site will show up first in search engine result pages. You want to rank highly, and that requires a responsive website, beautiful design, and clear, minimal content. Let your target market find you and realize that your business is the solution they’ve been looking for.

Improve your team

Training is vital to keep your team on their toes because the business world is changing; the internet and other forms of technology are changing the rulebook when it comes to closing deals with potential customers. You could do some research into sales enablement tools because there are some great resources out there when it comes to training professionals in the brave new world of marketing; inbound methods are now favorable over outbound methods, for example. Your business needs new customers, but it all has to start with your sales team. These employees are the human connection to your human target market, and that’s why it’s so important for your team to not only be professional and intelligent but also trained in the latest, newest techniques regarding marketing and sales.


Strong values

If you can’t find a way to differentiate your business from the competition based on good deals or innovative products then hone in on the core of your brand; find a strong message that you can represent, but ensure that it’s one your company actually sticks to. People want to see human values in a brand, and if your business can be the most environmentally-driven company in the industry, for example, then you’re bound to garner consumer interest from the section of your target market that is motivated by those issues in the world. Speak to the human side of your potential customers.

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