It’s often taken for granted, but technology is something we very much rely on in this modern-day age. Without it, we can feel helpless, and you may certainly know that feeling when you’ve left your phone at home whilst commuting into work. It can feel like you’re missing a part of you! The same goes for your IT support, and when you don’t have the right support, it can have a serious impact on your business. Here’s how to improve your IT support in the business.

Go With The Best

When it comes to sourcing IT support outside of your company, you don’t really want to scrimp with your money. A good investment is needed to have someone look after your IT from off-site and who’ll do it with great success. Therefore, always go for the best in what’s available in your local area. There are plenty of expert IT consultants who can give you advice on what you could be getting for the best in technology, but you want those individuals who can help your business with all manner of technical issues. You want it resolved quickly and efficiently.

Keep Up With Communication

In order to improve any type of collaboration or outsourcing partnership, communication is essential. That’s why it’s good to have one person over there who is your account manager. Whenever there’s an issue with something they aren’t doing right, you can go directly to the account manager and express your feelings. It’s also good to be friends with someone within that organization so that you can ensure things get done and not left to the bottom of the pile if it’s a shared IT support company.

Always Have Someone In-House

As much as it’s great to have the majority of your IT support on the outside, it’s also worth getting some IT support in-house. Of course, there are likely to be options of having those outside, visit the office when there are issues, but that can amount to very expensive call-out fees. So instead, ensure you’ve got a couple of staff members on your operations team who are knowledgable within the IT field and can handle smaller issues that don’t require such a complex knowledge. One could work full-time, while the rest do part-time or contracted a set amount of hours each week. You’ll likely need your outside IT support less and only rely on them for the emergencies.

Improve Your Technology

And finally, it’s one that’s most obvious but improving your technology will help improve your IT support. The likelihood is that you’ll be requiring less help if your equipment is functioning properly because it’s been improved and upgraded. There should always be a good budget put towards your technology each year, and because technology tends to have a limited shelf life, it’s important to spend some money on improving it when it needs to.

Don’t let your attention slip away from your IT support because it’s something that’s very much relied on within your company.


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