When you come back from a hard day’s work you want to feel welcomed. If you’ve recently moved into a new property, or even been somewhere for a while, you’ll want to feel like you’ve made it your own. There are ways you can turn your house into a home, by making both big and small changes. You can add a personal touch by decorating yourself, or if you need bigger jobs doing you can hire someone to help you customize your house. Figure out a budget and draw up a plan. Here are some suggestions to get you going.

Clean up

Starting off small, it’s the first thing you need to do to make your home feel more comfortable. Get rid of all the clutter, throw away anything you don’t need. Once clean, your house will feel a lot more inviting, and then you can think about making other changes. 


Add texture to your bedrooms and living room by purchasing thick rugs, blankets and pillows. This will give the effect of being more cosy and relaxing. For design ideas trending this year for interior and furnishings see here. The main colours to look out for are neo mint green, baby blues and pinks. 


If you’re trying to give your place a bit of your own personality why not add some objects that remind you of your childhood. This could mean stuffed animals or photos, displayed in a stylish way. A whimsical childlike touch can make the place more cheerful, your place doesn’t need to look like a showroom. Look at thrift and antique stores for more unique items to decorate with. These will add character and vintage is always in style. 


If you’re not looking to redecorate completely try brightening up some of the most useless or empty walls with art. This will give you an opportunity to choose something which reflects your taste and personality. Art on display has been proven to lift your mood and reduce stress, so it could make you feel happier in your own home. 


Perhaps a bigger commitment than a picture and a stuffed animal but if you’re an animal lover a new addition to the family could be a great idea. Be careful not to take the decision lightly however as it is a big responsibility. 


For a lower maintenance option consider adding a bit of greenery. These are also proven to lift your mood and it’s a simple way to add life to the dullest of houses. Make sure you have the right amount of light for the type of plant you choose.


If a cactus and a lick of paint just isn’t gonna cut it and you want to make bigger changes, consider renovation or an extension. This might take you more time to plan but a Custom Home Builder can help you with this. You can decide on the changes you want to make to your current house or even if you want to build something yourself. 

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