When purchasing a product, do you opt for aftercare services? Even if it costs you $10 a month, do you go for it or would you rather wing it and fix problems yourself? Most people would go for the $10 a month option. After all, if you purchase a product for $1,000, then $10 a month is a small price to pay for aftercare if that product was to break or develop a fault.

What about financing? Do you find yourself paying $3,000 upfront for something new, or would you rather split the payment over 24 months? The vast majority of people would seek a low-interest loan in order to pay for expensive things, but others swear by purchasing a product only if they have the money in their bank. Articles like this one at http://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk have taught consumers to be more frugal with their purchases, which is why the option of finance isn’t used often unless it’s a 0% interest rate with a short repayment term.

Both of these options stem off a single idea: convenience. It’s convenient to call up the same company you bought a product from in order to get aftercare services like maintenance and repair. They have your order number, they know your name and they have all of your details. You don’t need to look for a third-party service and you don’t need to pay someone extra money because you’re already paying monthly for their custom warranty. Similarly, being able to buy something expensive and pay it over the course of several months with low-interest options is attractive for most people due to how they balance their finances.

Convenience is a major selling point for most companies, and we’re going to be discussing a couple more ways on how you can use the power of convenience to grow your brand, raise awareness about your company and ultimately sell more products. If terms of customer experience, convenience is perhaps the best goal to aim for.

Going Global

One of the issues with purchasing niche products is that it can be difficult to ship them across the world to your most loyal customers especially when said products are heavy or take a while to arrive. For instance, if you have a loyal following that enjoys using your makeup products, then you could get orders from all over the world that take several days or even weeks to arrive. Due to the shipping time, it can sometimes be difficult judging how much of your products the customer will need, so they either order too little, order too much or don’t order at all. This isn’t convenient for customers, which is why you need to think about going global with your brand. This doesn’t mean you have to set up an office in every country, however. It simply means that popular destinations and cities should have stock of your products when possible to give your customers a faster, cheaper and more convenient way to buy your stock.

The more customers you have, the more likely your brand will spread beyond your region or country, hence why it’s important to adapt to the global market and find ways to offer your products to people all around the world. Even if it’s just shipping products to resellers, you need to find a way to get your products into the hands of the entire world instead of focusing on a single area. With some luck (and a lot of marketing) you can quickly become a global brand simply because you’re offering your products all over the world and not restricting your target audience by region.

Allowing Customers to Access Their Information

If you’re selling software as a service or have something on your website that people pay for, then it’s crucial that you give your customers a way to browse their information, check their order status and other similar features. This is because it’s much faster for your customers to log in to your website than it is to call you up or send you an email. Another good idea is to let your customers see the progress of their orders, and this can apply to everything from fast food to custom guitars.

If you show your customers more information, then they’re more likely to keep track of it and it offers them the convenience of knowing how their order is doing instead of being left in the dark. By posting constant updates to the shipping status of an order or the production of a personalised item, it will give your customers the peace of mind they need to feel assured that you can deliver quality on time.

However, you’ll need to consult services such as http://www.pctechnika.com for remote IT support and also data recovery and backup. The last thing you want is for a malicious network attack to bring down your systems and completely wipe (or even worse, steal) all of your customer information. Protect your computers and give your customers a reason to trust in you.

Offering Financing Options

It was briefly mentioned at the start, but offering financing options is actually a fantastic way to get more customers to notice your products. At the point of sale, your customers might realise that their purchases are going to cost a lot and, if given the opportunity of financing, they might find it easier to spread the cost over several months with low or no interest options. While this can be a pain to set up depending on your industry, it offers your customers a convenient way to pay for expensive items.

This is particularly useful if you plan to sell something that is expensive or comes with a high price tag. By splitting the payments over several months, it allows most people who work from paycheck to paycheck to purchase things without delaying till the end of the month. This opens up your business to more customers and ultimately improves the chances of you making an expensive sale.

These are just three examples of how to sell your products with the power of convenience. There are many more options, such as website design elements, that could further improve the customer experience, but as long as you focus on convenience you’ll be able to make more sales than you could before.

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