When it comes to interior design, the vintage style never fails to impress. It’s a classic look that’s always on trend, and the scope to source so many different features and fittings from different time periods can inspire even the least creative of people to transform their property into vintage heaven. The perfect vintage bedroom consists of a few key features, and it couldn’t be easier to begin your revamp today!

Walls & Flooring 

Laying the foundations of your vintage bedroom involves choosing the right flooring and wallpaper (or paint), as these features have a massive impact on the way you can design the rest of the space. Identifying which colors you wish to use in your design should be your first step. Then you should decide if you want to use traditional thick wallpaper or thinner removable wallpaper in your design. After this you can then narrow your search down and explore the appropriate shades and best quality wallpapers out there. A vintage bedroom is likely to contain more natural colours, and there’s no better choice than a wooden floor in this respect. Depending on your colour scheme, find a few ideas for wallpaper and paint, and choose 1 or 2 feature walls that you can use as an eye catching statement or to enlarge the feeling of the room. If you are not confident with painting, you could always hire professional house painters in NC, or wherever you are, to come out and do this for you so that you can be confident that your walls will look stunning once the work is done. Many of the best vintage style wallpapers contain animal scenes such as peacocks or other birds, but you can also find lots of floral alternatives too! Try not to choose a wallpaper that is too overpowering, as you still need to relax in your bedroom and you may find it difficult to switch off with such a loud pattern taking over the space. 

Furniture & Fittings

Choosing the right furniture and fittings will contribute massively to the aesthetic value of your new vintage bedroom, as each item that you buy can either make or break the space. The best place to identify and source authentic vintage items is online, as there are many auction websites that are chocked full of users posting their brilliant vintage goods for you to explore. If you want to achieve the vintage feel without having to invest in a used item, there are many modern brands like Sogni Di Cristallo who design the most beautifully eclectic items that will fit well inside any vintage bedroom. The main items you should source include a bed, perhaps a four poster of some kind, a large wardrobe, and a traditional vanity unit with a chair that you can use to apply your makeup when you wake up. Finding the perfect items may take you some time, but it’s important that you can invest some energy to explore the many options before making a decision. Accessories such as faux fur throws and rugs fit like a dream inside a vintage bedroom, along with regally framed artwork and tall candles, too.

Designing the perfect vintage bedroom has never been so simple when you are able to make the most of the brilliant ideas and concepts that have been detailed above! Start off by laying the best foundations through flooring, wallpaper and paint, building on this by investing in authentic vintage and retro furniture and fittings. 

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