The average cost of a wedding is huge these days and people end up saving for years or getting themselves into loads of debt to pay for it. When you think about it, spending that much money on your wedding isn’t a very sensible financial move and even though it’s an important day, there are better ways that you could use that money. When you’re starting a life with your partner, you could use that money to save up for a mortgage or put some money aside to have kids in the future. Spending too much on your wedding can leave you in a bad financial position if you’re not careful. But the thing is, you can still have a great wedding day without spending all of your money if you just follow these simple tips. 

Avoid Wedding Packages 

A lot of wedding venues will offer you a package that includes everything for the big day. They’ll sort out all of the catering, entertainment, the cake, and all of the decorations for one single price. It seems like an attractive option because you don’t have to deal with a lot of the stress that comes along with planning a wedding. But you’re going to pay a lot of money for these packages and usually, they are not very good value. If you do things separately, it will usually work out a lot cheaper. You can hire a venue on its own, then source your wedding band (check out to compare prices), find a catering service, maybe even make your own decorations, and stock your own bar, you have a lot more freedom. You can haggle on prices and shop around to find the best deals, but if you go for a package deal, you’re likely to get ripped off. 

Don’t Mention That It’s A Wedding 

This is a simple trick that a lot of people don’t know. As soon as you mention that you’re planning a wedding, the prices magically shoot up. That’s why you should just not mention that it’s a wedding when you start making your enquiries at venues or with entertainment and catering companies, just tell them that you’re planning a party. You can get a firm price from them and they won’t be able to push it up when they find out that it’s actually a wedding. 

Avoid Peak Wedding Dates 

The prices for weddings vary a lot depending on the dates, so you can save yourself a bit of money if you’re willing to be flexible. If you pick a Saturday in the middle of summer, you’re going to spend a lot. But if you’re willing to get married in the autumn or winter, it’ll be a lot cheaper. A midweek wedding will also save you a lot of money but that will be a problem for most people because they will have to go to work. You can find a guide to the best wedding dates at

These are all simple things that you can do to cut the cost of your wedding so you can have the day that you want without ending up in financial trouble. 

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