Most of us would agree that actions speak volumes louder than words. However, this sentiment is often only expressed when discussing a negative situation. For instance, we might tell our friend that despite their boyfriend’s kind words, it’s his actions they should pay attention to, because that will reveal just how your friend may be neglected in their relationship. Often, it’s a good metric to go by, because talk is cheap, but actions require effort and mostly (though not always) sincere feeling.

Of course, like any sentiment, it’s also easy to only apply this to other people. But what if we adopted it as part of our own functioning? Would this benefit our relationships? We’d say so. But more than that, would it allow us to express our truest emotions with care, courage and consideration? Again, we’d say yes. So, why don’t we dedicate time to this?

In the following post, we hope to help you say ‘hey, I love you,’ without having to use those words. This can implicitly allow you to gain closeness with someone you care about, or a range of other positive outcomes. With that in mind, please consider the following, positive, hopefully helpful advice:

A Floral Arrangement

There’s something very special about cared for, arranged floral displays. A bouquet can say many things depending on the kinds of flowers you have selected, their colors and tones, and perhaps even their scents. We can often think of a bouquet of flowers to be a traditional and maybe even outdated form of expressing interest, gratitude, or love, but just because something works profoundly and is a beautiful, natural solution doesn’t mean it’s outdated in the least. Quite the contrary, this gift can speak volumes compared to social media messaging ‘stickers’ or emotes that are cheap to send and only last momentarily.

A floral arrangement shows that you’ve taken the time to consider your gift, no matter if you’re helping them celebrate something, or you wish to show your appreciation. It’s hard for someone to receive flowers and feel anything other than warm intent, even if the circumstances are sad, such as when giving our deepest condolences. With the best flower delivery options you can select, you can make this purchasing process easy, comfortable, but no less impactful in its emotional clarity. Try a floral arrangement – see what happens.

Be There When Necessary

Gifts and gestures are beautiful in their own right, but they are nothing if purchased as a form of supplement rather than substance. We all know that in our diets, for instance, supplementing a vitamin is useless if we’re not eating a healthy and balanced diet, and may even cause harm. This principle is also found in the social sphere.

Be there when necessary, and even when not necessary. Always be present in someone’s life if you appreciate them, and they want you there. They will likely do the same for you. We can often think that spending thousands upon thousands is perhaps the ultimate way to express our love, but no, simply spending a lazy afternoon with someone and enjoying our time there can speak volumes. After all, time is the one resource none of us can artificially gain, or that we can expand within the scope of our daily allotment.

Just think of how great it feels to be invited to something, or to have someone ask to come along, or to be the default selection for heading out and experiencing the world in a shared capacity. We all know that feels good. We can also look at this in perhaps an even more pure and wholesome way. Think of a grandparent, living out there golden years. No longer are they interested in silly interests or things that do not provide them value. They become less materialistic. What matters most to them, at the height of their lifetime wisdom, is the wish to be around their family, to spend time with their friends, and to enjoy every day with people they care about. This shows that at the end of the day, we all need each other, and so it can’t hurt to allot your time with the people who mean the most to you.


Listening is an important skill. Not all of us are well developed in that skill. In fact, some friendships can last years without two people ever fully listening to each other. In that instance, they will be friends with the idea of said person, not friends with who that person really is. Unfortunately, this happens in all kinds of circles, especially where showboating or acting in a prideful manner is the norm.

You’ll likely realize the difference to be found here, in a substantial, quite intensive manner, when someone listens to you properly for the first time. It can feel life-changing. It may even feel odd. Odds are, you’ll consider that person heavily down to Earth. These people remember the things you tell them, or are willing to help you move through certain challenges. This can feel wonderful. Providing this to someone else may be where you wish to start. Listen, really listen, to what your friend has to say.

Remember to divorce this idea of listening from having to give advice at every opportunity. Sometimes, being the best friend you can be, or acting with love in the best possible instance is simply to understand, not to judge, nor to give forward advice. This all stems from listening. When two people listen to each other, really listen, they don’t have to agree on everything to become the best of friends. This is a sign of maturity, and also a sign of love. Perhaps the most loving thing you can do for someone else is taking that practice and applying it in your own life. You’ll immediately notice how people unfurl and blossom when around you. It’s an amazing way to show your love and appreciation, because showing someone they are worth listening to is a compliment like no other.

Who knows? Perhaps it will be lovingly reciprocated.

Support & Encourage

Supporting and encouraging someone is perhaps the best thing you can do for them, because it’s where your love really counts. Many of us have had a friend in hospital at some point, for instance, and simply being there to bring their clothes to the ward, or to visit and make them feel less alone, or in driving them back home and helping them continually take their medication can be worthwhile. Your supporting and encouraging might be consoling someone who failed to achieve their dream time during that half-marathon run, or helping them eat vats of ice cream when their relationship breaks down.

Supporting and encouraging is perhaps one of the most life-affirming things you can do. While self-respect and self-belief is essential for anyone to curate, it’s also nice to have someone in our corner from time to time, no matter what. This can come in the small daily habits, such as giving someone a lift to work at their new job before they figure out the commute they need to do, or helping them plan a surprise birthday for their father. Volunteering for these little tidbits of assistance can be appreciated more than you know, and in return, they will likely provide the same efforts. Although be careful of those who take, take, take and never give, because sometimes that can show an imbalance in the relationship that may need to be resolved.

Be Thoroughly Honest

Honesty is the best policy. Of course, there’s a difference between being honest and simply criticizing all of the time. For instance, expressing your distaste for a certain pattern dress your friend is excited to wear may be considered somewhat unnecessary, provided it makes them happy. But if the dress is ill-fitting in places? That might be worth mentioning, to help them figure out their next step.

Honesty is something you owe your friend, and something most worthwhile relationships are built on. But as you can see, it’s a fine line to walk. A ‘white lie’ is not always the same as simply neglecting to make your opinion heard. However, for the most part, respecting the other person enough to be frank, open and honest with them can be important. It really does show that you respect them and love them enough to make those opinions heard. For instance, if they’re excited about a new love affair, but that person shows very many red flags they have yet to witness? Bringing them up could be important, even if it might put a pin in their dream cloud.

Honesty is the best policy. While it can be hard to hear, or sometimes even be present in the actions you take, it’s important that you respect its power. Also learn to appreciate when someone is being honest with you. It takes courage to do so.

With this advice, we hope you can say ‘hey, I love you’ without using those specific words, but actions, deeds and worthwhile interactions.

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