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Advancing up the career ladder is the usual income-earning goal of most of the working population. For the adventurous and creative, setting up a startup business or an entrepreneurial endeavor is one of those tasks that can keep the heroic tendencies satisfied in the business world.

However, for some people, this isn’t good enough. Some people want to earn even more money, whether that’s to achieve their personal side goals, provide a better quality of life for their family, or simply earn enough to help structure an even better and more adventurous entrepreneurial goal.

To achieve this, it’s fruitful to adopt some useful techniques and subtle behavioral changes in your life to best accommodate your new goals. Here are but a few ways you can seem and become a more competent, respected and productive person.


Your posture says a lot about your confidence. No matter who you are, standing up straight and not slouching lends you an air of authority because it comes across as being alert and present at the same time. Your shoulders should be relaxed at the side, and your back should be straight, but relaxed and comfortable. Most people, as a result of sitting at desks for a large part of their working career, have achieved a ‘forward head’ syndrome. Watch people walking on the street during your next lunch break, and you’ll see it. The head tracking forward over the body isn’t an uncommon sight to see.

For the best posture, you should try stretching exercises, posture-improving chairs, and also make an effort to correct it in your daily life. As a handy benchmark, your cheekbones should be in a straight line above your collar bones. You’ll even add an inch or two to your height if you take care of this. People are sure to treat you better if you present yourself this way, and that has a direct impact on your career prospects.

Eye Contact

No matter if you’re in a business meeting, communicating with a co-worker, or simply working in retail, people enjoy being spoken to with eye contact. It’s a great way to show that you’re present, listening, and fearless. This will be sure to help you achieve your promotion more effectively than a person who doesn’t do this because eye contact shows an alertness much like correct posture does. A large part of human communication is nonverbal, which shows just how important it is to give people the right impression.

Identify Your Goal

Orienting yourself to a goal makes you a force to be reckoned with. Giving yourself the possibility of becoming better will give you a call to action, much like the ‘hero’s journey,’ that’s popularized through world-renowned fiction heroic stories. It will make you a strong and powerful person in the business world.

Manifest Your Goal

Any method to achieving this goal helps. Manifesting using the law of attraction, or similar affirmation principles allow you to become a much better and wholesome person. The power of visualization is known by athletes, business coaches, and even actors, and can rapidly change the productivity and reward your life brings you. Seeing is believing, so see it here. No matter your belief, there’s always productivity in trying new things.

Among these methods of becoming a more focused and effective person, having the ability to brush off negativity and taking care of your health will help you apply the energy levels in the correct way, and with more depth.

Best of luck to anyone embarking on a process of self-improvement. Your goal is sure to be achieved.