As a business owner it’s likely that you look for every opportunity to expand your business as much as possible. Marketing events are perfect for this because it gives you the chance to impress new potential customers, and also scope out the competing businesses. Attending a marketing event shouldn’t be taken lightly, and that’s why we’ve come up with this guide on how to win at your next marketing event so that you can achieve what you set out to do – improve your business!

Provide food!

Going from stall to stall can quickly tire someone out, and if you’re hoping to gain as much attention as possible and keep people around your booth, then a great way to achieve this is by providing free food for them to pick at. Nibbles like crisps, cupcakes, fruit, salad, and even sandwiches are a great way of attracting the crowd you want. Throw in free tea and coffee and you’ll be onto a winner!

Give out merchandise!

One of the best ways of attracting attention is by giving your potential customers something for nothing, and that’s where merchandise comes into play. Everybody loves something for nothing, so if you’re giving away merchandise such as pens, lanyards, t-shirts, caps, and mugs, you’re sure to generate the attention you were after. Perhaps you could use this as a chance to gain some new additions to your email list. Offer merchandise in exchange for their email address! Not only will the merchandise keep you at the forefront of their mind, but you’ll also have the chance to keep them up to date via email.

Prepare a presentation

Let’s face it, booths are boring if there’s nothing going on and people are unlikely to stand around for long if you’re just stood there twiddling your thumbs. That’s why it’s important to prepare a presentation for your audience to show them exactly what you’re all about. Perhaps you could keep a slideshow on loop behind you for people to stand and watch. It’s also a good idea to hand out cards with your credentials so that people don’t risk forgetting who you are.

Hand out promotional offers to attendees

Finally, a great way of generating attention is by advertising on social media that your business is going to be making an appearance at this marketing event. Casually mention that people who attend the event will be given promotional offers on your products or services and you’ll soon find that your stall is bustling with plenty of people looking to get in on a piece of the action!

Using these clever ideas will win over the hearts of new and potential customers, so put them into play at your next marketing event and reap the benefits yourself!

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