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You’ve invested time, effort, and money into producing an incredible new addition to your product range. Now, you need to make sure that everybody’s talking about it. My favorite way to do that is with PR & Free Publicity. Launch a press release and let others do the work. If you want to get started with PR, head over to The Ultimate Guide To PR & Free Publicity. But there’s so much more you can do. It’s not enough to have the most magical, ground-breaking idea of all time. You need to make sure that the market is aware of your amazing new innovation. Here are some tips to ensure your product is the talk of the town.

Organize a launch event

Launch events are a great way to put your product in the limelight and get the right parties interested. Think carefully about where you’re going to host the event, and who you want to invite. It’s a good idea to send an invitation to representatives from the press, as well as bloggers who post content related to the products you create. You may also wish to contact potential investors, clients, and buyers from shops and online stores with which you’re hoping to work. Make sure the event is memorable, and it showcases you and your business in all its glory. Inform people about the product with a punchy and passionate presentation, and be prepared for questions. Have your numbers pinned down, and don’t shy away from negotiation if people are willing to make offers there and then. Make sure your brand is clearly visible, and ensure guests leave with merchandise. If you want to do something different to the usual pens and notepads, why not look at options like Tote bags from Dynamic Gift? Live stream the event so people can follow on social media, and follow up leads and expressions of interest after the event.

Send out some samples

If you want people to rave about your product, it makes sense that they try it first. If you can get your creation featured on blogs and in magazine articles, for example, your sales could go through the roof. Send out some samples, and ask writers and editors if they would be able to put together some reviews or a feature. You could also run some giveaway competitions on social media. This will encourage your followers and friends to share links to your page, which should boost your profile.

Offer incentives

Most customers love an incentive. If you have existing clients, offering rewards, such as referral bonuses or discounts for multiple purchases may encourage them to try your new product. If you’re trying to attract new clients, introductory offers are a great idea. It’s also advisable to include space for testimonials, reviews, and feedback on your website and social media pages. This enables people who are thinking about buying the product to read what previous clients have written. A good review will go a long way to persuading the reader to add the product to their basket.

If you’ve poured blood, sweat, and tears into designing a new product, you want it to succeed. Hopefully, these tips will help you get your product out there, and ensure that it’s hitting the headlines in no time at all.

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