Getting started as a creator is an exciting time for anybody. You don’t want to get ahead of yourself, but you are already thinking of your first view and the first time someone shares your content on social media, and other people actually like it. However, while there is a fun side to blogging, there is also a tedious but also vital side to it, and that’s making sure your blog is protected. 

Trademark Your Name

The first place you need to start is by trademarking your name. Even before that, however, you need to come up with a catchy name that will be easily recognizable and not used by anybody else. 

It’s essential to avoid self-explanatory and straightforward names, such as Jack Takes Photographs, as you may not be able to copyright such a name. Instead, consider a witty pun or create a brand name that explains what you do to inform people who you are when they visit your blog. You may need to double-check that there is no blog or business with the same name, as that means you’ll need to start all over. 

Get a Privacy Policy

This isn’t something that is merely a recommendation. A privacy policy is required by law. While your blog may take a few weeks, months, or even years to get off the ground, anytime somebody signs up to a newsletter, you collect personal information, even if it is just an email address. 

This lets your readers know what will happen with their information, and it provides the transparency necessary in the modern world. Likewise, if you ever complete a sponsored post, you must inform readers. In contrast, any post that includes medical or legal advice should consist of a disclaimer highlighting that you are not a professional in this area. Therefore you are not accountable if things do not work out as readers would like. 

Keep Your Data Safe

Not just your data, but everybody’s data. Even though you will consider yours a fledgling blog, Data Security is still crucial, and it’s always better to get your cybersecurity measures in place while you are still growing. 

While it may seem like hackers only attack larger corporations, they are also fond of targeting smaller enterprises that lack the proper cybersecurity to prevent a breach. If you fall victim to an attack, you risk losing your blog and having them use your data against you, especially if you have stored credit card and other sensitive information there. 

Any readers who have supplied their email address could also be at risk, so you must invest in the right data security measures to prevent any problems. 

Positively Protected

Even if you’re starting your blog as a bit of fun and a way to share your thoughts with the world, it’s still worth protecting yourself. While your blog may be small right now, there is a chance that it could blow up at some point, so protecting yourself while you are still small will save you plenty of headaches once you get big. 

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