As times change, so do common careers. While there were plenty of chimney sweeps in the Victorian era, there are relatively few today. Times change. Demands change. Perhaps the biggest step that’s changed career options in modern times? Technology changing and advancing. Thanks to the rise in tech and many people now having a laptop or computer of their own at home, time spent in offices and other work premises is less necessary and many people are beginning to work from home and to work for themselves. This independence is great! On top of this, platforms such as blogs and social media and their sheer popularity means that whole new job roles have opened up. Right now, you really can make enough money to live on by blogging! Sure, this might have been a purely personal venture a few months back. But you can now get paid ads and sponsored posts which make blogging a truly viable source of income! So, here are a few steps you might want to take if this is a path you want to pursue!

Registering as Self-Employed

When you blog for a career, you’re going to have to pay taxes on the income you earn, the same as any other job role. The difference? You’re going to have to register as self-employed so you can file your tax return at the end of the year. This will also provide you with a UTR or “unique tax reference” number that you can supply clients with to show them that you are going to be paying taxes on the money they’re paying you. Registering is simple, straightforward and shouldn’t take long.

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need

Sure, you need a whole lot less to start a blog than to start most other moneymaking ventures. You don’t have to set up a business premises. You don’t need to create products. You don’t have to deliver services. But you do still need some basics. First, you need a computer or laptop to write from. Then you need a Solution Partner who can deal with any tech issues you might have that could interrupt your workflow or your ability to post what you’ve created. You may also need a camera if you want high quality images to accompany your blog posts.

Use an Accountant

As we briefly highlighted above you’re going to have to figure out your own taxes yourself and put money aside out of payments made to you to ensure you have enough to pay your tax bill at the end of the year. This can be complex and mistakes can cost you a lot. So, hire an accountant. They’ll be able to do the maths for you and deduct any costs that they can, reducing your overall bill.

Sure, this may be quite a lot of information to take on board. But you need to get to grips with these basics if professional blogging is something you’d like to get into!

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