Startups all over the world rely on freelancing and outsourcing. It’s due to the fact that it’s cheap, effective, and a great way to grow your business without having to hire additional employees. Not only can employees come with a lot of different considerations and issues, they can also be incredibly expensive investments. As a small business, it’s important to utilize the most cost-effective ways to increase your exposure, grow your business and manage your company, and this is why outsourcing is such an effective tool.

But apart from creative tasks like web design, video production and copywriting, what other forms of freelancing or outsourcing does a company need, and how can it positively affect your business? Here are a few overlooked services that you should consider when hiring.

Human Resources

Human resource management is an incredibly important task that every startup should outsource at least once. Finding employees, managing them and caring for their needs is difficult when you’re a lone business manager. It’s far easier to cope with their demands and issues when you have a dedicated human resources department, but at the start, you’ll need all the help you can get to manage your employees.


Accounting is another task that should not be attempted alone unless you have a good grasp of it. This is because things like tax payments and payroll can become nightmares for people who are unfamiliar with accounting. They require some very serious number crunching and even the slightest mistake can cause problems throughout the entire business, and the last thing you want is to be accused of fraud because you neglected to pay certain taxes or fees. There are many global payroll outsourcing services that will help you with everything from getting your employees paid to manage your expenses, so make ample use of them until you hire a full-time accountant to run your books.

Technical Support

Again, unless you have some experience with computer systems and network infrastructure, always hire an expert that knows what they are doing. This is so that you don’t run into hardware issues in the future, and in order to optimise your network, you have to do some serious testing and monitoring. The last thing you want is for your servers to collapse in the middle of an important project, so ensure the safety of your data and computer network by hiring professionals to set up and maintain it.

QA Testing

Whether you’re selling physical products or a service over the internet, QA testing is an important facet of any business and you need to take it seriously in order to provide the best experience to your customers. Hiring someone in-house to do QA testing is a little counter-intuitive because you need someone that has zero experience with it to give you feedback, this is why it’s almost always outsourced to testing groups. Alternatively, you could speak with bloggers and content creators to give feedback and review your products instead. However, they will usually ask for compensation in the form of exclusive content, updates, or even money. This is usually a small price to pay for the amount of exposure you get through blogger outreach.

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