So, are you ready to launch a new website or blog? Or perhaps you’ve just set up a new online shop and are ready to hit the button that will make it go live. Well, if so, you might want to hold on for a bit until you have thoroughly tested everything.

Tests are critical for any online product. They ensure that your product is ready for customers to use, and also that there aren’t any potential issues that may raise their ugly heads once it is live. So, ready to get testing? Here are the ones you need to carry out.

Prototype Tests

First of all, it’s a good idea to create some prototypes if you have time. These are basically beta versions of your new online product. But seeing as this isn’t the completely finished product, you will be able to play around with the prototype a lot and change its design a lot more easily, for instance. If you want, you could even test out your prototypes with some of your target customer group. If you don’t want to put this early stage prototype out into the public at such an early stage, you could just get your friends to play around with it. This is especially useful for websites, blogs, and ecommerce platforms. They can play with the test site and can then let you know what they like and what they don’t.

Optimization Test

When you get people to test your prototype, it’s also a good idea to take a look at your product’s optimization. Optimization helps you figure out the most important features that you need for your product. It’s really important that you don’t skip this test and simply assume you know what your potential customers want – the chances are that you will get it wrong if you just try and guess. So, ask your prototype testers to let you know if they thought the features were appropriate and if they would like to see any additional features.


Usability And Functionality Tests

Once you have your final product, you should carry out some usability and functionality tests. These should be carried out so that you know that there aren’t any functional issues and bugs that aren’t going to annoy your customers and render your new online product as completely unusable. User experience is super important for any product or website. If the general public finds it difficult or impossible to use your products, then they won’t return to them and will go and use your competitors’ services and products.

Design Tests

Next, it’s important to carry out some visual design tests. When you are carrying these out, you should continually ask yourself, how does this look? Does the design match the usability? It’s worth working together with a designer when you do this, as they will be able to give you their professional opinion when it comes to the visuals. There are currently lots of trends and fashionable styles for online products, so it’s a good idea to try and incorporate one of these trends into your product so that it attracts as many customers as possible.

Test Your Competitors

Have you thought about testing your competitors’ products? If not, why not?! This is such a useful task that you should carry out before you launch your own product. Of course, you will only be able to test their products as a consumer, but that should be enough for you. So, when you have some time, you should go onto your competitors’ websites, blogs, or e-commerce platforms and see how they work and how you find them. It’s important that you are honest when you test, as the results can really help you out. For instance, if you find that your competitor’s website doesn’t have a particular feature that you are thinking of adding to yours, then you should see whether you miss it when you are using the competitor site. It also gives you a chance to see whether a particular feature that they have is superfluous and can be done away with.

It is incredibly important that you carry out all of the above tests before you launch a new website, blog, or ecommerce platform. Well, before you launch any kind of product or service at all, in actual fact! Carrying out all of these tests will give you peace of mind that your product or service is as good as it possibly can be. So, don’t worry if you have to wait to launch before you test – it’s worth it!

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