In business, you can’t afford to get complacent. It’s all about pushing forward, expanding and getting ahead of your competitors. If things are going well, you might be looking for ways to help your business grow, boost profit and even create your own empire. When it comes to business growth here are just a few things to bear in mind.

Open Another Location

If you’re the kind of business that mainly sells locally rather than online, one fantastic way to grow is to open another location. Whether you sell food, products or services such as a printing company or laundrette, if you can duplicate your successful business in another location then it’s double the profits for you. Finding the right staff is essential since the business will have to run without you. You will also have to adjust your advertising strategy for local franchise marketing. For example, using Facebook locations is a smart move for any business with multiple locations with a centralised brand management. That way you can target your advertising and the information you show on each page to suit the location.

Look Through Customer Complaints

Getting positive feedback is great, and lets you know that you’re on the right track with your business. However, where you will really learn is by looking at the negative reviews. What kinds of things are people complaining about and what changes can you make based on this? Maybe delivery is taking a long time or is unreliable- changing delivery companies could help with this. Perhaps they’re saying your customer service isn’t up to scratch, if you employing another couple of people to take care of incoming phone calls, emails and live chat conversations could be the way to go. With more employees might come a larger premises, with the ability to tackle more and more orders. Listening to your customers and adapting where necessary really will help your business to grow.

Adjust Your Marketing Strategy

Keeping an eye on the facts and figures will help you to work out what marketing strategies are working best. For example, if you’re a local business you might find an influx of orders after posting leaflets through the letterboxes of nearby streets. You might find that certain deals or discounts on your social media page result in a lot of gained interest, and that others don’t have much impact at all. Keep an eye on your marketing strategy and adjust it accordingly based on what works. This saves you time, money and hassle and allows you to grab the attention of the most potential customers possible. Employing someone who has a track record in gaining sales through social media could be a good use of funds, far cheaper than paying for other forms of advertising that aren’t as effective.

Whether you make small changes or a big one such as opening another location, stay focused on business growth and work out what’s needed to make your business bigger and better.


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