When it comes to financial security and career satisfaction, permanent contracts are non-negotiable. How else can you sign that rental contract, or envision your progression on the career ladder

Yet, as employer focuses change and budgets continue to suffer, many job applicants find that the only way to secure any position is to opt for a temporary contract. Luckily, these are easy to find, with recruitment specialists like DSC Personnel and similar offering a wide range of such positions. Some job seekers even find that the ease temporary contracts bring can help them to get their foot in a career they may never have considered otherwise.

But, none of that will be much help if you face a term that ends in six months or less. Unless, of course, you utilise those temp benefits in the following ways to turn that contract permanent despite a prior lack of full-time positions. 

Take a genuine interest in the company

When you’re in the cycle of temp work, it’s easy to take a bird’s eye view of any company. You won’t be there for long, after all, so what’s the point in delving deep into company culture? Quite a lot, actually. By taking a genuine interest in a company, you can develop a better understanding of the skills you need to stand out, and also whether you want to pursue an ongoing position at all. Then, that can give you the necessary push to…

Go the extra mile

Let’s face it, a temp who does the bare minimum is never going to secure a permanent position. Instead, they’ll receive a pat on the back and a decent reference if they’re lucky. By taking the time to understand the company and your place within it, you can go the extra mile to ensure that you really stick in the minds of the right people. Rather than just completing your tasks, stay late and take your results that bit further. Instead of simply staying under the surface, get in early and help other team members if you can. Ultimately, the more you do to catch managerial eyes, the better chance you have of staying in the long run.

Make yourself indispensable

With the above pointers in mind, you should also do what you can to make yourself indispensable. Done right, the extra mile efforts mentioned above could well prove enough to make this possible. Equally, helping to develop new workplace storage systems or computer setups could do the trick. Instead of sitting in the background, put yourself at the business forefront with suggestions and techniques that become part of company culture. Even if there is no permanent job offer, efforts like these are likely to see managers creating one with you in mind!

Temporary contracts certainly have their benefits, but the temp life isn’t for everyone. If you’re on the lookout for permanency in finances and prospects, then look no further than implementing these tips next time you secure a job on a temp basis.

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