These days, everyone is on a budget. Yet, we all want to feel stylish and on-trend, even when we don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes. So how do we go about rocking that chic, stylish wardrobe when we’re trying to be thrifty?

It’s easier than you think to stay looking your best without spending a ton on clothes. It’s all about making smart purchases, learning how to match certain items with cheaper counterparts, and making the most of your buck.

Signature Pieces

The first tip to staying stylish on a budget is to add signature pieces to your wardrobe – key items that are eye-catching, gorgeous and chic; items you can base entire wardrobes around. Prepare to invest a little green in these items, as you’ll be wearing them often, and you want them to last. Whether it’s a gorgeous cashmere sweater, a gauzy, silky scarf, a pair of Ray Ban glasses, or those clunky black boots you love, make sure its an item that perfectly encapsulates your style, and matches everything you own. That way, you can wear it literally all the time, get your money’s worth, and always look amazing. 

Getting Thrifty

Stylish folks everywhere know that thrifting is your friend. It’s super in to shop at thrift stores, no matter how wealthy (or the opposite) you are. You’ll find one of a kind pieces, vintage and retro clothing, perfectly worn-in jeans, amazing handmade pieces, and more at your local thrift store or flea market. Best of all, you won’t believe how cheap everything is. You can purchase an entire wardrobe at the thrift store for the same price you’d get a couple pairs of jeans at a moderately-priced store. 


Too many of us just throw items away when they’re broken, ripped or need alterations. If we can’t afford to go to a costly alteration shop, which most of us can’t, we just don’t see the point. But this is a mistake! It’s easier than you think to learn basic sewing skills, and you’ll find that you can repair and altar your own items with just a few supplies and basic know-how. Videos and tutorials are everywhere online, and you’ll get a lot of pride out of repairing your own stuff. Don’t throw those jeans away! Repair them!

Bartering and Borrowing

Have you ever participated in a clothing swap or a really free market? In recent years, events like this have started cropping up all over the place. Folks will show up with a bag full of items they don’t want or need, and trade them for something they do. Sometimes events are held on a large scale, in a local park or community center, and sometimes it’s just a group of girlfriends swapping clothes at a ladies’ night. Either way, participating in these trading and bartering events will save you a lot of money and you’ll be happy to know that your discarded items will go to someone who needs them. Get yourself great new pieces without spending a dime!

These are just a few ways that you can save money and remain on that tight budget while still staying stylish and super chic!

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