California has always been a popular destination among travelers and is definitely a favorite among beach lovers. Thanks to its warm weather, laidback attitude, and great cities, California is a true gem of a state. And as much as we love all of California, our preferred city is most definitely San Francisco.

The city’s revamp

Known for its iconic Golden Gate Bridge, fantastic bay area, quirky sloping streets, picturesque houses, and everything in between, San Francisco is a colorful haven. Although the city is already praised by most of us, it’s getting a well-deserved revamp. Several urban development plans are underway, some of which are contributing to the design of San Francisco’s new skyline. Yes, you read that right; San Fran is getting a new skyline! Exciting and thrilling, the city is going big, and the final reveal we’re sure will be jaw-dropping.

Recently unveiled, the Salesforce Tower was a big hit. Having replaced the TransAmerica building for the tallest building in the city, at 1,070 feet, 61 stories, and its curve-like shape, the skyscraper is a great start to what the new skyline will be looking like.

Original and a great picture opportunity, the tower is built on 42 piles drilled 300 feet deep into the ground. This drilling was necessary due to the tower being built over an old landfill close to the original city waterfront. Furthermore, the area, in general, is in a high-risk earthquake zone, meaning every precaution was taken before building the tower.

And with the tower opening up the show, the other projects coming up are just as exciting. Billions have been funded for the different redevelopment plans, and the city is looking at a true rebirth. First on the list is next year’s 3 sided project reveal. First and foremost, the Golden State Warriors’ new 18,000-seat arena will be presented at the Chase Center.

Right next to it, the second unveiling will be a new subway stop near the arena. And thirdly, a 100,000 square (all of it for retail space) shopping center. Pretty impressive right? We think so too. And even better, these three aforementioned 2019 reveals are part of a bigger redevelopment plan known as Mission Bay. This plan focuses on revamping the older port and industrial parts of the city and is part of a larger 4.4 million square feet project. Mission Bay will see the upgraded areas converted into an array of offices, libraries, school, public spaces, workshops, hotels, medical campuses, and research centers. Imagine what a sight the whole area will be once completed!

More urban developments

If that weren’t enough, we aren’t joking when we say San Francisco is going all the way with their urban development. Other than Mission Bay, another project called Parkmerced is set to be inaugurated in 2035. Yes, that is quite some time away, but the wait is totally worth it.

The project looks at modernizing the whole 152-acre site towards the southeast side of the city. Involving an important real estate development, the Parkmerced looks to construct 60,000 square feet of public areas and parks, 80,000 square feet of office spaces, and 230,000 square feet of real estate. Big numbers for a big project, which we’re hoping will have a big result!

And because the best things always have a cherry on top, there’s no urban development without cleaning up and improving one’s public transport system. Having placed 4th in the list of world’s busiest streets, San Francisco is taking the transport revamp project at heart; especially after 70% of residents said they would pay higher taxes if that meant less congested streets.

The new Transbay Transit Center

One of the more important additions to the public transport panorama is the $2.5 billion Transbay Transit Center, set to be finished in 2030. A connecting hub for trains, subways, and buses, the project also aims at introducing a high-speed rail between San Francisco and Los Angeles by 2029. Daring and creative, the Transbay Transit Center is also part of a bigger picture that aims at upgrading the whole neighborhood around the Center. This larger plan is known as the Transbay Redevelopment Area, and will cost about $4.5 billion, and looks to welcome 2,500 new homes, and 3 million square feet in office and retail spaces- all spaced out through 3 towers.

Imagine what those 3 towers will look like in the skyline! Not only will they be calling on everybody’s camera, but they will also symbolize the redevelopment San Francisco planned and executed so well.

Already today San Francisco is a beloved city, and visiting it is always a great time- especially if you get to stay in one of the iconic Victorian-like houses. Imagine what it will be like by 2030! Yes, it is some time away, but before you know it, we’ll be gazing at the new and revamped San Francisco skyline.

This is a guest post written by Emily Jones