Getting the career of your dreams takes an awful lot of hard work and dedication. However, you can stack the odds in your favor by preparing in the most appropriate ways. You need to be clever, put in the research in and really ask yourself what it is you need to do to secure the job. Changing careers does mean you usually need to start at the bottom of the pack, but if it means taking on a career that you actually want instead of being stuck in one you hate then it’s well worth it. Here is your action plan so you can go about it.

1. Present yourself right

One of the first things you need to do is ensure you’re presenting yourself in the right way. This applies to both your physical appearance at interviews, as well as your resume when you’re applying for roles. Spend time preparing for interviews, research common questions and how to answer them- and do your research on the company.

Being able to show you have looked into your potential employer gives an excellent impression. Dress smartly, look into tips for styling and what to wear to an interview (and more importantly, what NOT to wear!) You should also ensure your resume is up to scratch, and that you’ve provided a fantastic cover letter with all of the information the person reading it will need. You could pay for a professional service, or ask an intelligent friend to proofread for you and give you any tips.

2. Improve your education

One of the best ways to access jobs that would have previously been unavailable to you is to improve your education. These days you can study just about anything flexibly from home, so whether it’s a midwifery degree online, psychology, English or something else entirely- it could be the difference between being considered and outright rejection.

Work out which degrees will benefit you most and what employers in the field you want to work in want most. Of course, it should be something of interest to you too. If you wanted to study full time, perhaps you could give up your day job if you have a partner or parents who can help to support you while you study. If not, there are loans and grants that you can look into. In some cases you might not need a full degree, a diploma or even taking a shorter course could be the stepping stone to your chosen career path.

Have a look at successful online courses that help you with spicing up your marketing, PR & Free Publicity and Time-Management skills

3. Diversify your income

Having multiple income streams is a start to finding out what you love doing, while still making money. I have collected over 50+ ways you can make money and many of the ways I have used to be able to travel full-time the past three years. Now, I’ve written a lot of single blog posts that go much more into the different details of ways I use to make a living online, so feel free to read more about them by reading the blog. One thing you might like is how this site pays you $2700 a year to watch videos, read it here.

4. Start a blog

Yep, there is the ‘blogging bug’ again, starting a blog can help you find the career of your dreams because it not only helps you work towards more professional goals, it also helps you write and think about things you love.

Did you know that only 11% of all bloggers earn more than $30.000? So you better make sure you’re one of the top 11% bloggers! To be honest, it’s not that difficult, but you have to realize it’s not just blogging. See, this blogger makes $50,000 every month in a very passive way.

I know, 50+ ways to earn money online can seem a bit overwhelming so here’s the quick recap. If you want to make money online, I’d recommend you start a blog first. A blog is easy to monetize in a very passive way, so you can easily make some passive income with affiliate marketing or blog sponsors once everything is set up. Then start promoting your blog with PR & Free Publicity to gain followers. If you already have a blog or if you’re not interested in blogging, I suggest you create an online course for free with Teachable. The difference with other ideas to make a living online is that with a blog or an online course you can make (quick-ish) five figures, while if you’re doing survey’s for example, it will take forever and it will be a lot more work that’s less fun.

If you’re not a type that creates a lot, I suggest you get into email marketing, everyone can write emails right?

5. Work on your experience

In most cases, a great way to get into the job you want is by finding experience in that field. See if you can get into the relevant company as a volunteer or an intern. By doing this you can make a positive impression and find out more while you are there. If not, go for an experience that will somehow aid you even if it is not a direct semblance. Experience makes all the difference in an age where everybody seems to have a degree.

There are all kinds of ways to move up, it is just a case of finding the one that best suits you.

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