More than any other method out there, being able to constantly address your customer’s concerns, and always being available for questions, queries, and complaints, is the best way to build your reputation. You want a customer base to know they can put their shopping trust in you, and be able to get everything they need out of the experience – you can’t just sell and send them on their way, you’ve got to keep in touch!

Do you think your customers trust you? If you’ve got a small business, and you’re trying to carve out your own corner of the market over it, you’re going to need some good and trusty feedback to thrive for another day! So here’s a couple of ways you can do that, especially via an internet connection and a bustling online platform.

Make Sure Your Site is Mobile Friendly

If your site is mobile friendly, not only will your potential customers and returning loyal customers be able to reach you at any time from anywhere, but you’re also going to be ranked a lot higher by search engines such as Google. Think about it: this is the one instance where you don’t have to invest in any more lead campaigns or SEO generation, and you simply just need to give your website design a rethink!

Thankfully, there’s a lot of responsive web design options out there, meaning you can pick and choose at your business’ leisure. Make sure the company you reach out to meets your needs, shares your vision, has the right intuition to point out and fix a flaw when they see one, and then make your website totally convertible for any customer’s needs.


Make Sure You Reach Them on Social Media


Social media is the one place where you’ll always be able to find customers, seeing as it’s the most active platform on the planet. It ranges from people who have shopped with you before, to people who would never have even heard of you in overseas regions, and it’s a great place to do some market research because of this.


So make sure you’ve got yourself a social media profile for your business, and make sure it’s spread across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in equal measure. Post at least twice a week, and hopefully posts once a day if you can manage that schedule as a small business – the algorithms on these sites will favour you a lot better if you do. And then, people can come straight to you with just a quick tap of your name, and you can immediately link them straight to your website or your range of products. Not to mention the amount of feedback generation a simple post can earn you!


Staying in touch with your customers doesn’t have to be hard, as they’re never nameless and faceless in an online world. Be sure to chase them up after a visit or purchase!

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