Some gifts are for certain occasions, and the people that you give them to are probably expecting them. But there are times when you simply want to surprise someone with a gift, perhaps because you’re proud of them or because they’ve been going through a hard time.

If you want to give someone a gift out of the blue, you need to decide what to give them. So what gifts could you give someone to show that you love and appreciate them? Take a look at these ideas if you want some gift inspiration that will help you surprise and delight someone.

Flowers and Chocolates

You can’t go wrong with the classics. Flowers and chocolates are suitable for just about any occasion, from celebrations to condolences. A bouquet of flowers can last a few days, but you can also buy beautiful plants that will last longer. Fig & Bloom sells orchids that can last up to six months if they’re cared for properly. Chocolates also present you with lots of options, from safe and traditional chocolates to more contemporary flavors. Of course, if you want to beat giving either flowers or chocolates, giving both as a gift is even more impressive than just one of them.


Cake tends to be a pretty big crowd pleaser. While it’s a great gift for an individual, it’s also a fantastic option if you want to give a gift to a group of people. Maybe you want to give a gift to your colleagues or show your employees that you appreciate them. You might want to give a gift to some of your friends or maybe you’re a teacher who wants to give something to your students. Buying a cake is easy, but you could also make one if you want to really impress people and show that you care.


If you’re looking for something fun and silly to give someone, balloons are a great choice. You can never be too old for balloons, despite what some people might say. When they’re filled with helium, they make fun gifts, and you can double the enjoyment by sucking the air out of them. Balloons come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that’s appropriate for the occasion. Of course, you could also have a whole bunch of balloons. Balloons are most appropriate when celebrating something, but they can be a fun spontaneous gift too.


Jewelry offers you a huge range of options in style and price. You can buy someone something inexpensive and cute, or you could invest in something more expensive and glamorous. It depends on the occasion, and what you’re trying to say with your gift. You could give anything that you want, from necklaces and earrings to watches and rings. However, there’s one thing to keep in mind. Unless you’re planning to propose to your partner, make sure your gift doesn’t look like an engagement ring. Fortunately, this is only an issue unmarried couples need to think about.

Something Relaxing

Who doesn’t like to relax sometimes? If you know someone who could do with a break, giving them a gift to help them unwind can show that you care. You want your gift to say that you think they deserve to have a break, rather than that you think they’re too stressed or tightly wound. So try to choose something you know they will enjoy, whether it might be some scented candles or a gift card for some sessions with a massage therapist. Sometimes, the best gift you can give them might be some time on their own.

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Some gifts aren’t just one-off gifts. If you want to surprise someone with a gift that keeps on giving, try a subscription to something. It could be a product subscription or it could be a subscription to a service. You can buy a subscription for someone else, and the first they might know about it is when the first installment arrives. Subscriptions can come weekly, monthly or at other intervals, or provide a constant service. They might deliver food, candy, alcohol, music streaming, movie streaming and many other things.

An Experience

The best gifts aren’t always physical ones. Sometimes it’s the gifts that leave people with great memories that are the best ones to give. If you want to surprise someone with something different, giving them an experience is a great idea. You could take them out for dinner on a whim or plan an activity for them when they have a free day. If they are music fans, you could get them tickets to a concert; country fans, for example, might well love to see Morgan Wallen live and, thanks to sites like, you can make this happen! Of course, you need to make sure that they can spare the time to do the activity if you plan it for a certain day and time. However, you could also give a gift certificate or a promise to do the activity later.

A Party

Not everyone likes the thought of a surprise party, but many people would love to have one. If you want to throw someone a surprise party, first think carefully about whether it’s something they would enjoy. It puts a lot of attention on them, at least at the beginning, which not everyone will like. However, if you do think they’ll enjoy it, it can take some smart planning to get everything in place. You need to be good at keeping secrets if you want to make it work.

Something They’ve Been Asking For

Has someone been asking for something or making hints at something they want? Maybe you’ve said no in the past or pretended that you weren’t listening. But you could just wait until it’s a good time to surprise them with what they’ve been asking for. Whether your children have been asking for a dog for months or your friend keeps saying how much she’d like a cashmere scarf, you can give them just what they’ve been asking for. You’re sure to become their new favorite person.

Give someone a surprise gift to show them that you appreciate them, whether it’s a special occasion or not.

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