Are you ready to make this new year your most epic one yet? Buckle up, because we’re diving deep into the marketing dates for the new year that you absolutely can’t afford to miss. Whatever type of content you create, it is always your golden opportunity to market and promote your business, create social media posts that resonate, and drive those sales through the roof. And don’t forget to grab your copy of the Ultimate Marketing Calendar for the new year!

The Power of a Marketing Calendar: Why It’s Non-Negotiable

A well-crafted marketing calendar is like your business’s GPS. It guides you through the labyrinth of holidays, special events, and even those quirky days like National Taco Day, helping you maximize customer engagement and profits. If you’re not leveraging these key marketing dates, you’re essentially leaving money on the table.

Getting Started With Your Marketing Calendar:

January: New Year’s Day & MLK Day

Keywords: New beginnings, resolutions, community service
Start the year with a bang by tapping into the energy of New Year’s Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day. These are prime times for campaigns that focus on new beginnings and community involvement.

February: Valentine’s Day & Presidents’ Day

Keywords: Romance, love, leadership, home goods
February is a month of love and admiration. Use this time to offer romantic deals and Presidents’ Day discounts on home goods and electronics.

March: St. Patrick’s Day & Spring Equinox

Keywords: Luck, renewal, spring cleaning
March is all about rebirth and luck. Consider running promotions that tie into these themes, like a “Luck of the Irish” sale or a Spring Equinox renewal package.

April: Easter & Earth Day

Keywords: Tradition, sustainability, eco-friendly
April showers bring May flowers—and some excellent marketing opportunities. Easter is perfect for family-oriented promotions, while Earth Day is your chance to showcase your brand’s commitment to sustainability.

May: Mother’s Day & Memorial Day

Keywords: Appreciation, remembrance, summer kickoff
May is a month to show gratitude and honor those who have served. Mother’s Day is a biggie for gifts and pampering services, while Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer—think BBQs and outdoor fun.

June: Father’s Day & Pride Month

Keywords: Fatherhood, diversity, inclusion
June is all about celebrating dads and diversity. Use this time to market gadgets for Father’s Day and run inclusive campaigns during Pride Month.

July: Independence Day

Keywords: Patriotism, freedom, outdoor living
July is the month to wave the flag high. Independence Day is a fantastic time for patriotic promotions and outdoor product sales.

August: Back to School

Keywords: Education, preparation, tech deals
August is all about hitting the books. This is your chance to offer deals on school supplies, tech gadgets, and educational software.

September: Labor Day

Keywords: Hard work, end-of-summer, fall transition
September is a transitional month, making Labor Day the perfect time to clear out summer stock and introduce fall products.

October: Halloween

Keywords: Spooky, creativity, costumes
October is the month for all things spooky. Use this time to get creative with your marketing—think costumes, candy, and Halloween-themed events.

November: Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday

Keywords: Gratitude, mega sales, online shopping
November is the big kahuna of sales months. Thanksgiving sets the stage for gratitude marketing, while Black Friday and Cyber Monday are all about those doorbuster deals.

December: Christmas & New Year’s Eve

Keywords: Festivities, gift-giving, future planning
December is the grand finale. Christmas is the peak time for gift-giving promotions, and New Year’s Eve is your last chance to make a memorable impact before the calendar flips.

Download your copy of the Ultimate Marketing Calendar here and don’t forget to use the Content Power Weekend method to plan your content marketing strategy!

For a complete roadmap that includes ALL these dates and more, don’t forget to check out my comprehensive guide to marketing dates for the new year. It’s your one-stop shop for actionable tips, strategies, and even some insider secrets.


What is the marketing calendar year?

It’s a strategic tool that outlines all the key dates for promoting your business, helping you plan your campaigns, social media posts, and email marketing activities.

What are the holidays for marketing in the US?

Major holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Independence Day are prime times for marketing, but don’t overlook lesser-known holidays that can also drive engagement.

How do you create a marketing calendar for the year?

Start by listing all the key dates, then brainstorm campaigns that align with those dates. Make sure to include social media posts, email marketing, and other promotional activities.

When should I start advertising for the holidays? The earlier, the better! Early planning allows you to fine-tune your strategies and get the most bang for your marketing buck.

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