If you are a startup in this day and age, you are fortunate enough to be growing at a time where there is a lot of change going on. Not being wholly established in this case, is a huge bonus, since it allows you to quickly adapt to the latest trends that soon become the new industry standard. Since you do not have previously established systems in place to take care of various things already, or if you do then chances are you are nowhere near as dependent on them as some companies. Your staff or yourself are not rooted in them just yet, you haven’t had that same outdated cashier system for the past decade still running on Windows XP embedded, or anything of the sort. Everyone is approaching the whole situation with a fresh mind, so why not make the most of it and slowly embrace the digital age which is already evidently upon us? 

Online services

There is a rather big shift towards creating digital equivalents of services, for just about every kind of business. Be it shopping, ordering, booking, confirming, checking stock or checking in at the airport, everything is slowly having an online counterpart. Humans, being the creatures they are, actively seek ways to make life easier for themselves, so if there is an opportunity to do so, chances are they will jump on it with not much hesitation. That said, you shouldn’t hesitate to invest in some more digital frontend for your business because it is almost certain to be used and provide actual tangible benefits. Let’s look at a theoretical scenario, someone looks at your website and finds a product or service they are interested in, but in order to actually complete or carry out the transaction, they have to journey to a location. Compared to just a few clicks online, traveling to a store seems like much more of an ordeal, you should try to make the visit to the location as easy and streamlined as possible. If you would like to get some more insight on the topic, you can read this comprehensive article located at the following url: https://www.brandbits.com/blog/marketing/store-locator-software/ .

Improve workflow with technology

With all sorts of software coming out by the truckload, for tablets, smartphones, personal computers and standalone towers, there is a lot of software out there you might have never even heard of. E-mails are starting to slowly show their age, and proving to be seemingly more clunky than the slightly newer forms of communication. E-mails can stay the go-to method of sending documents for now, but if you are working in a team, communication is key, and you should not limit yourself to awkwardly e-mailing each other every few seconds. Using an instant messenger client like Telegram, Whatsapp or Slack, which allow for easy creation of groups or channels used for different topics are sure to fit any kind of situation, and greatly boost efficiency within a team. Definitely something worth introducing to your staff and yourself.

An active online presence

Due to the popularization of social media and the internet for the average consumer within the past decade or so, the amount of people regularly using the internet in this day and age is absolutely insane. A number which mere years ago, might have seen near-impossible. If things keep going the way they have been so far, the platform will only grow, and you do not want to miss out on this opportunity. Social media is a great platform for reaching out to people, as one would expect. It allows for an excellent blend of corporate style posts, which just inform your clients of the latest news or whatever else you might want to tell them, as well as anything fun or informal that you think would be a good way of interacting with your target market. Other than just writing about things which they could just read on an advert, try making things a bit more personal, dropping the faceless corporate demeanor just a bit. The average person is much more likely to remember a light-hearted or silly post or two about something topical while still relating to your product, rather than something along the lines of “Our newest amazing product is on sale right now!”. Of course, the bottom line is that you are still there for some form of advertising or exposure, so you have to lightly work those in amongst your other posts. It might be a tough balance to strike, but once you have a somewhat established user base, you basically have the equivalent of a newsletter you can send out instantly and at any time. An opportunity like this really shouldn’t be undervalued, as it can prove to be one of your best advertising tools, despite possibly being completely free.

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