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It’s not a secret that I love travel gear. Outdoor stores, websites… I’m always on the hunt for my next travel gadget. Unfortunately, when you travel lightly, you can’t bring them all. From now on I’ll try to feature one travel item every week on here with a review. 

Travel Gear of the Week #1:
WakaWaka Solar Power + Light

I need my power wherever I am. To charge my gadgets: from my camera to my iPhone and iPod. But unfortunately, charging isn’t always an option. Now there are a lot of power bank options these days, but my all time favorite buy is the WakaWaka solar power bank. You know why? Because it charges with nothing but sunlight. I must admit, it does take a full day in the sun to charge it fully, but the fact that it does makes it a winner.

The combination of power + light is extra powerful for adventurous travelers, as these two come in handy in different situations you might face.

I was most grateful for having my WakaWaka with me when it was rain season in Indonesia, and the power went out… for 48 hours. If I didn’t have my WakaWaka, I’d have to go to bed at 6 or 7 pm, because it was sooo dark! You can easily set up the WakaWaka so it stands up, and it shines through the room.

But also when I was hiking and camping in the sun, it came in handy to charge my iPod, because you just stick the Wakawaka in one of the front pockets of your backpack, and it charges itself throughout the day.

travel gear of the week wakawaka. Things you can't go without traveling

Help developing countries
around the world with WakaWaka

WakaWaka is a global social enterprise that develops and sells portable solar products for the more than a billion people living without access to electricity and the billions seeking renewable energy solutions. WakaWaka means “shine bright” in Swahili. For every WakaWaka purchased, a solar light is donated to a family living without access to electricity. These families, in countries like Mali, Haiti, Syria, Kenya and the Philippines receive WakaWaka’s too, and I love that because power and light are one of the most important things to have, but unfortunately, it’s not always accessible. Solar power is the solution, and the WakaWaka is compact enough to spread them around the world.

Ready to share the sun? Get your WakaWaka here.

travel gear of the week wakawaka. Things you can't go without traveling

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