One of the best ways in which you can earn money with your vehicle is, of course, driving yourself to and from your place of work -however, if you are looking for a change of scenery, or thinking of starting a new career, there are plenty of options available for you. You can look into these and decide for yourself, but if you enjoy driving, and happy joining a company that uses vehicle telematics companies then this may be the right track for you.


There are many different options for delivery, such as food delivery and parcel delivery for companies such as Just Eat or Amazon. These are roles that are high pressured and not necessarily the best paying, however, if they fit around your own lifestyle, and you enjoy driving, this may be the one for you. There are bonuses available with roles such as these, and the pressure is off to have to think too hard. But you are expected to show very high standards of customer care and must have a vehicle suitable for this work. Driving around your local area can be quite a subtle role, especially if you’re a friendly person. It also depends on where you live, as some areas will be easy to navigate and others not so much.

Area sales

If you enjoy sales and love the challenge of meeting targets, then be in an area sales rep could be a perfect idea. You get to travel all around the place, including places you may never have heard of. There are two options sales to the public and sales to businesses. Sales to companies can be a lot easier to navigate done those to the public, depending on precisely what it is you are selling. If you have warm leads and a good company to back you up, then you may be on the road to success quite quickly.

Airport Runs

Another way to utilize your transport is to offer airport runs if you own a car that is desirable to other people, then you will be able to access a new stream of funds that could potentially change your life. You could also have the option to provide transport for special events, such as weddings or problems. Many people do this in addition to their main income, and since airport runs and event hire usually happens on evenings and weekends, then you may be able to fit this around your current workload quite easily. A lot of businesses have started off providing short runs, and small events in this way, and built it into large companies that have overtaken their primary job.

The thing to remember is that your vehicle is it is a tool whether you want to use it for an extra income or even a new business idea, so it’s important to look after it the best you can, keep at maintenance and take care of it if you do decide to use it as an additional income earner.

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