Every now and then when I’m in The Hague I need a good workplace. A place with good coffee and free wifi that’s fast enough to run my business. Lately, there are more and more hotspots popping up in The Hague. 7 work hotspots in the Hague with free wifi for digital nomads. The Hague is the political center of The Netherlands, so it’s strange that there weren’t more nice work spots with wifi before. What makes a great workplace for a digital nomad? Free fast wifi, good coffee, enough space for your laptop and a place that serves breakfast to dinner would be a 10/10!

I personally earn a living by blogging about things that I love, combining a business of affiliate marketing strategies, Pinterest, Instagramemail marketing, blogging, online courses and more! The best thing? I can work from the best cafes around the world, every day if I want to!

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7 work hotspots in the hague with free wifi for digital nomads

Usually, I just go work at my favorite lunch place, but here is a collection of six other places to work from.

Favorite cafes to work from

  1. Crunch Cafe. My favorite lunch cafe. Lovely menu, good food, good coffee and tea (including a small cake bite!) and enough space for your laptop and papers. Favourite work spot is the big magazine table. Piet Heinstraat 108-a
  2. Lolapalooza. Beautiful clean interior, enough large tables to work from and a good menu, must visit, especially if the sun is out (sunshine everywhere!) Van Bylandtstraat 93
  3. Hometown Coffee & more. Beautiful ‘hipster’ interior, good coffee but small tables and it’s always busy. Probably because it’s in the middle of the city center. Buitenhof 4
  4. Lola Bikes & Coffee. Hipster cafe, but fun to check out. During working days it’s not that busy (there aren’t that many sitting places) so go check it out, it’s very Instagrammable. Noordeinde 91
  5. Dudok. Classic cafe, filled with ‘business people’ from het binnenhof trying to get work done. Working in between spin doctor’s, who wouldn’t want that! Plus, Dutch appeltaart & coffee go great together. Hofweg 1a
  6. Appeltje Eitje. Cosy cafe with simple breakfast and lunch options. Lovely owners – girl power! The interior and atmosphere can be a little bit distracting if you’re working (colors everywhere!) but it’s a nice place to go for a quick coffee! Prins Hendrikstraat 69
  7. Pim Coffee. When I went there the first time the waitress was a little bit strange, to say the least… but they did improve a lot. Clean interior and you can buy everything you see. Sell gluten-free lunches and high teas too! Prins Hendrikstraat 113

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