If you’ve saved to buy your dream car, you’ll want to keep your car as safe as possible so it doesn’t get damaged or stolen. Having your car broken into or stolen can be very distressing as well as expensive to sort out, so protect your car to avoid the expense and the upset. 

Park it somewhere undercover

Your car can be damaged by wear and tear from the weather, and from things like falling branches from trees. If you can, park your car in a garage, which protects it from the elements and from would-be thieves. If you don’t have a garage, an a-frame carport is easy to put up and will do the job of keeping the worst of the weather off your car. 

Always lock the car

If you’re going back and forth between the house and car, such as when you’re unloading groceries or packing the car for a vacation, it’s tempting to leave the car unlocked. Many of us do this, but it does put your car at risk. Those few moments that you’re away from the car are enough for someone to get in and steal things from inside the car. Never leave your keys in the car with the car unlocked, or someone could get in and drive away. 

Close the windows and the sun roof

If the weather is hot, lots of us leave a window down slightly or the sun roof open a little way when we’re away from the car to let some air in. Don’t do this, as the gap leaves you vulnerable to ‘fishing’, where thieves can hook items through the open window, or slide in a coat hanger to unlock the doors. 

Secure your number plates with tamper resistant screws

Should your car ever be stolen, the fastest way to disguise it’s identity is to swap the plates. Stop thieves from doing this by attaching your number plates with tamper resistant screws. This makes it harder to remove the plates, giving you a better chance of having your car found if it is ever stolen. 

Don’t leave anything in view inside the car when you’re not inside it

Things like bags, your phone, expensive sunglasses or any cards left lying on the seats or on the dashboards are very tempting to thieves. Hide things away in the trunk or in the glove compartment, or take them with you, even if you’re only away for the car for a few minutes. If you have electrical items like sat navs, make sure you remove the stand for it as well, as an empty stand, or even suction cup marks on the window, tell thieves that there is something worth stealing hidden inside the car somewhere. 

When you’re out and about, park your car in busy, well-lit areas. It can take less than thirty seconds to break into a car, but if the car is in a busy area, it’s less of a temptation for a thief to try and get in, as they’ll be spotted very quickly. 

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