Ever heard of OneDrive? Chances are, if you use Hotmail, you have. OneDrive is Microsoft’s Cloud Storage solution and after I made the move a few months ago, I’m now officially a fan. If you signup you receive a mere 5GB for free, that used to be 15GB, and compared to Google’s 15GB you ask me why should I move? Well, there are a few ways to up your GB’s game with OneDrive. I actually received a 200GB free code with my external hard drive purchase recently, so that was nice. You can invite people to join, and you’ll receive 0,5GB both for free, but that’s only up to 10GB (sign-up here with my code and receive your first extra 0,5 GB). 

Get extra space with the super flexible plans

Join Microsoft’s Office 365 and receive 1TB extra space. It’s $6.99 a month, so that’s doable of you’re on the road a lot of just need extra space quick. I recently bought the extra 50GB for just $1.99 a month, just until I got home to make a proper backup. I love the flexibility! If you bring an external hard drive on the road, you can never expand the GB’s how it fits you, you have to get another one which is a lot more than just $1.99.

Signup via my special OneDrive link and we’ll both receive 0,5GB for free!

OneDrive’s visual pleasure file hierarchy

Recently I tried out Microsoft’s OneDrive, and I’m hooked! I don’t work with Hotmail anymore (I mean, for the past 10 years haha) but OneDrive is awesome. It’s for some reason more visual appealing to me, it’s easy and there’s not a lot going on, except for the simple file hierarchy.

Don’t get hacked

If you’re not a Hotmail user like me, it’s also safer to create a secret account and to use it ‘secretly’, so there’s only a small chance you will be hacked someday. If you’re using Gmail and you store your photos in your Google Photos, there is a bigger change you get hacked, because you make your login information available for all programs and apps you signup to, making the risk to get hacked bigger if one of the apps get hacked, liked the LinkedIn hack a while ago. And remember, a digital file does not exist until you have at least two copies of it (Schofield’s Second Law of Computing). 

Signup via my special OneDrive link and we’ll both receive 0,5GB for free!

Automate your iPhone backups

If you’re an iPhone user like me, you probably update your phone every now and then, but I completely stopped doing that, feeling worried all the time etc., because you can install the OneDrive app and make automatic backups of your photos. I even quit my extended iCloud plan, because all I need is a backup every now and then of the very minimalistic apps on my phone, photos are always my most important assets to protect and save.

You know who has your data, or well, sort of

I was a super fan of Kimdotcom’s Mega, it was secure, you received I believe 200GB for free and well, what’s not to like? Well, recently Kim Dotcom warned users of Mega, the cloud storage company he founded in 2013, to back up their files. According to the entrepreneur, Mega is now under the control of Bill Liu, a New Zealand-based Chinese national that is currently fifth on China’s most-wanted criminal list. Not cool man. Especially if you don’t follow the tech news, and you read about it months later. With Microsoft, you can assume that if something happens, it will be in your newsfeed, no matter where you are in the world. And that’s a safe feeling. Microsoft will be kept accountable if something happens to your data, and chances are slim because they have been around the block for a while already.

Did I convince you already? Well, if I have, don’t forget to signup with this link so we both receive some extra GB’s!

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