Cloud computing is no longer a new thing. It’s been around for a while, and businesses understand the benefits it can bring. Well, let me rephrase that. Big companies understand how to use the cloud to their advantage. 

What about small businesses? 

You’ve probably heard of the cloud, you might already use it in some way, but are you getting the most out of it? To help you answer that question, here’s how small companies should utilize cloud services: 

Apps & software

One of the great things about cloud computing is that it’s accessible from anywhere. Use this to your advantage and download cloud-based apps/software. Effectively, you can use the same apps on multiple devices – from anywhere in the world. Places like SimplyClouds let you download a variety of apps that can be opened and used throughout your business. In theory, you can work on something in the office, then go to lunch and work on it while you’re in Starbucks, sipping on a coffee. By utilizing cloud-based apps, you can become more productive and stop restricting yourself to software that’s only on one device. 

Secure storage

When the cloud first burst onto the scene, it was mainly used as a storage solution. It still remains an effective method for backing up business data. Your company should definitely use a cloud storage platform to keep information on. Some companies choose to keep everything in the cloud, and that’s perfectly fine. But, it might be better to have data files stored on hard drives/physical servers then backed up to the cloud as well. This way, if something happens to the cloud – which is very, very rare – then at least you have the other copies safe and sound. 

Hosted servers

Speaking of servers, businesses rely on them to basically handle all the digital operations. Your website is based on a server, your network runs on one, and so on. With the cloud, you can access a hosted server that doesn’t take up any physical space. Look at the image above. That’s an example of what some businesses have to deal with when they get their own on-site server! Often, this takes up an entire room in your office – and let’s not even think about the ongoing energy costs. The cloud can help you set your website up on a virtual server and enjoy all the benefits of a server but without the costs or hassle. 


A huge selling point of cloud software is that it allows for seamless collaboration between you and your team. You can all access the same apps from different devices and work together on shared projects. It’s like you’re in the same room working with one another, but you’re actually in totally different places. In a world that’s moving towards a more flexible and remote approach to work, you can really benefit from utilizing the cloud. 

It’s evident that you definitely need to find some type of cloud software for your business to use. If you want to get the most out of it, then use the cloud for all of the things mentioned above. 

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