Are you desperate to improve your business image this year? Feel like something is missing or you’re simply not getting the results that you want? Here you’ll find 7 ways to improve your image that should work in no time at all. 

1. Ask For Feedback From Your Audience

Start by asking for feedback from your audience. What do they think you could do better? What do they like/not like about your business? Audience feedback is invaluable, so make sure you take it on board whether you have asked for it or not. 

2. Ask For Feedback From Your Staff

Your staff works differently from you. They may have different insights on your brand image and could have some amazing ideas on what you could do to improve it. Don’t underestimate your staff and what they could come up with if given the chance. 

3. Figure Out If You’re Targeting The Right Market 

Many businesses only learn after a little trial and error that they are targeting the wrong market. Unfortunately, you can’t have ‘anyone’ as your customers. You can’t please everyone, and you need to have a good idea of who you are targeting – which is why consumer profiles are so helpful. If you simply aren’t making the sales, your emails aren’t being opened, and high volumes of your contacts unsubscribe to you, it’s a sign that you need to do something fast. 

4. Hone In On Your Brand Voice 

A brand voice is a seriously effective way to speak to your target audience. You pick the voice based on who they are and what suits your business’ ‘personality’. Without a brand voice you could lose engagement, and your branding won’t be as strong. Try to hone in on your brand voice by figuring out who exactly your business would be if it were a real person.

5. Work On Your Business Premises 

Maybe your business premises needs to be spruced up somewhat. Physical image matters, too. You may need to hire something from Bradley Mowers to keep the exterior of your premises tidy, and of course, having a cleaner on hand is also a must. 

6. Introduce Your Team

Introduce your team to your audience. You can use high quality images and get them to write their own bio, or you could create videos asking them to introduce themselves and explain their role. Content is a great way to improve your SEO and help your audience get to know you. 

7. Improve Your Culture 

Your company culture is one of the most visible things you have, and it helps to define your uniqueness. It can also give you a competitive edge, and impacts how people ‘see’ your business. It’s basically your business ‘soul’. Make sure you have a healthy company culture, and pay close attention to building one you’re proud of. 

Improving your business image can be tough, but with consistent effort and much of the advice above, you should be able to do it in no time. Leave your own advice below!

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