If you are thinking about how to make your business a success, you have to keep the competition in mind. You can’t just assume that your customers are automatically always going to choose you over other companies offering similar products or services. It doesn’t work like that and loyalty is hard to find in the business world. You might be able to keep a few of your customers loyal but you won’t be able to hold onto all of them. You have to work to constantly impress customers and believe it or not this comes down to how well you can promote your company. Let’s look at some of the best ways you can do this and beat the competition. Let’s dive into clever ways to promote your business that the competition hasn’t thought of

Live Feeds

Live feeds have been one of the most popular forms of online promotion this year. But the vast majority of businesses still haven’t bothered to try and use them. If you want to be the first in your pool of competition, you just need to start using the full power of social media. For instance, you can get active on Snapchat and by doing this you’ll have a way to constantly keep customers in the loop. You can advertise new products, contact them directly and provide fresh content. If you go on Snapchat you’ll see that a lot of companies are already doing this. Journalism businesses, in particular, seem to have jumped onto the bandwagon. But we doubt your competition has just yet. So, why not take the first step? If you do, we think you’ll be amazed by the power this possibility has.

PR & Free Publicity

Interviews, press mentions and seeing your face or business logo in your favorite magazine… that’s what PR and free publicity can do, and you know why it’s my favorite type of promotion? It’s completely free! Enroll in my course Master the Media to learn all about free publicity and how to get your business in the press for free. Not in the mood to purchase a course? Read my Ultimate Guide To PR & Free Publicity.

Instagram Stories

Recently I made a lot of money using Instagram Stories. The new ‘Snapchat’ function of Instagram. It’s possible with only a small following, and it’s new, so not a lot of businesses have found out how it works exactly. Learn all about it in ‘How I made over $5000 in just two days with Instagram Stories‘.

Gifts, Giveaways, Deals

There is one form of promotion that will almost certainly get you the loyalty of your customers. You just need give them something for nothing. You can do this with virtually any company that you’re running. For instance, there are lots of unique restaurant promotion ideas. But one of the best would be to let loyal diners eat for free the next time they visit your business. Do this, and they’ll come along and spread the word to their friends. You’ll develop a positive buzz online and this is really all you need to make your business a success.

Guerilla Marketing

One of the best ways to market a business is to transform the promotion itself into a spectacle. That’s exactly what the idea is behind guerilla marketing. Usually, a business will hire actors and or models to make sure that people start to engage with the charisma that these individuals bring to the equation. They can then push people towards the doors of your business. Or just spread the word about your company, product or brand. Guerrilla marketing can be set up around virtually any idea that you are promoting and have a massive effect. It used to take the form of street shows but not it can be anything. The more immersive the better. Customers tend to connect with things that engage their attention directly.

We hope you find this advice useful and beat back the competition this year.

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