Month: March 2017

  • Dazzle your colleagues at your next presentation

    Dazzle your colleagues at your next presentation

    Advancing in your career is all about creating a great impression on the people you work with. You want to peak the interest of senior staff and land yourself a big, fat promotion. One of the best ways to do that is to prove yourself in a presentation. Well-designed, highly structured presentations are an excellent way to put your mark on a company and demonstrate to senior management that you’re the real deal.


  • Invest in you and your business

    Invest in you and your business

    Investing is a word that many entrepreneurs and business owners are used to hearing and seeing. When you think about investing, you often think of something like stocks and shares, where you put money on the line and hope to see it grow within a few days, weeks or even months. However, investing is just a word used to describe the action of devoting your energy, time or resources into something and expecting a result. (more…)

  • Running an online business: skills you'll need

    Running an online business: skills you’ll need

    These days, starting an online business is easier than ever. Anyone can begin networking with all kinds of professionals in a matter of minutes, and there are countless accessible ecommerce platforms out there with which to set up your venture. While there have certainly been harder times to get started with an online business, getting one off the ground and then running it successfully isn’t a walk in the park! In order to stay productive and competitive, all online business owners need to possess a certain skillset. Here are just a few of the skills all online business owners should make a point of developing… (more…)

  • The unexpected life lessons of literature

    The unexpected life lessons of literature

    We all know reading is good for the mind. As Joseph Addison said, ‘Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.’ Anyone with a love of reading knows that to be true. It has the ability to strengthen your mind. It helps you develop analytical skills. And, depending on what you’re reading, it can grow your knowledge. Of course, nonfiction is best for that, but even fiction has educational qualities. 

    But, you might not realize the benefits reading holds for your emotional wellbeing. Knowledge acquisition is well and good, but it’s not everything. In fact, many people stop reading once they’re out of school. Why do they need knowledge then, after all? But, if they knew about the emotional benefits, they may not be so quick to give up the pursuit.

  • 3 Business tasks you shouldn’t be doing

    Business automation is the way forwards if you want to decrease working times and increase profits. We are living in the digital world, and there’s lots of technology you can use to your advantage. Take a quick look through some of the suggestions on this page and see if you can apply them to your company. At the end of the day, you should work hard to streamline your operation and ensure you always reach maximum productivity. The information I’ve published below should help you do that without breaking the bank. You just need to keep your eyes peeled and ensure you remain at the cutting edge if you want to beat the competition. (more…)

  • Effective strategies for getting out of your rut

    Effective strategies for getting out of your rut

    A lot of people hit a time in their life where they get stuck in a rut. Despite all their efforts to break out of it, it can feel like they’re trapped in a hamster wheel, going nowhere and driving themselves deeper and deeper into the situation they want to escape. If you know you’ve got a lot of ideas, but breaking out of this funk feels impossible, here are some great strategies for getting out of your rut…


  • Don't let a lack of tech-knowhow ruin your business

    Don’t let a lack of tech-knowhow ruin your business

    You can have all the business acumen in the world; you could be an expert in your field and market, and you could have the finances to be able to bring in all the cutting-edge business apparatus out there — but if you don’t use the technological tools of the modern day in a way where you are optimising them to their full potential, then your business is going to slowly but surely turn to ruin. But if you just simply can’t get your head around the tech updates of today, then fear not as there are services out there that can help you do just that, or even do your job for you. (more…)

  • Launch Your Freelance Career With Success

    Launch Your Freelance Career With Success

    Being able to work freelance is a dream for many people. Setting your own timeline and work schedule can be a great thing. Choosing your clients and being self-employed can bring many benefits to you. So it is easy to see why many people would like to do that. But the idea of it and the reality of it can be quite different. There will come a point when you’ll go from leaving your full-time career to start making it as a freelancer full-time. But getting to that point can be quite a lot of work. It can be a scary leap to take too. But by taking a few of the following steps, you should be able to get your freelance business up and running sooner than you think. (more…)

  • Must read business tips for inventors to set up for success

    Must read business tips for inventors to set up for success

    Inventors are brilliant people. But, sometimes they don’t have the business acumen or skill to drive their business and products to success. A great product sells, but people need to know it exists before they can buy it. There are supplier issues, business relationships to forge, etc. You need to know a lot more than just how to invest something to make it successful. You can of course sell your invention or give away a certain percentage to another company who take it under their wing, but this isn’t a viable way out for those who wish to truly reap the rewards of success. Do it yourself, and the payoff will be even better. You may have already thought of some of these points, but they can give you ideas and further enhance the way you run your invention business. Different things work for different people and businesses, but if you find a good mode of operation everything else will fall into place.