One of the most important things in business, especially if your business has physical products on offer, is to master shipping and logistics.

The thing is, if you make and sell products – you’re going to be making money. If your products end up broken because you didn’t ship them securely or safely, you’re going to lose money and customers. If you excel at shipping, you might not know about it. If you fail at shipping, you will.

You likely already know how important customer service is. When a customer receives your product in the mail, that’s another customer interaction that you can master and truly create a real sense of customer satisfaction.

Web presence

One of the most important things to do is to operate a clean web presence. After all, if you’re shipping goods out it is highly likely that they have been ordered online. This means that your online presence has to be in great condition and offer customers all the information they need to know about your shipping procedures. Keeping or maintaining a solid ecommerce platform should be your priority here, so if you need help, get in touch with someone like lightbox ecommerce to ensure your online needs are managed.


One of the big things you can do online in regards to shipping is display information. Is there any reason why you would leave information about your shipping rates out of your web copy? Why? Customers are entitled to know how much it costs to ship a product before they get a scare!  Postage rates and time of delivery information for different regions can help your business achieve worldwide appeal.

Go Green

Another thing that can give you a big boost in shipping is going green. You can not only save money by recycling packaging from business neighbors and even supermarkets – but you can look good. Consumers are demanding more from businesses in terms of being conscious of their environmental impact. One thing though – it’s probably best to make sure your customers are aware of your efforts to protect the environment so they aren’t surprised when their goods arrive in a grocery store box.

Keep an eye out

A good thing to analyze when focusing on your shipping is trends. Trends can help you be proactive and can even reduce costs! If you notice your goods being snapped up in remote locations that are costing a fortune in shipping for you and the customer, this can give you a perfect opportunity to become proactive if you notice the trend. If you notice a trend in remote shipping, try to contact a company to handle shipping in that area so you can break down deliveries and consolidate them so that it can save you a bit of money on those far-flung deliveries!

If you can’t get a hang of shipping, you’re going to lose customers and rank badly at customer service. No matter the size of your business, posting and packaging is always something to take extremely seriously.


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