Month: June 2017

  • 5 Tips for fitting in with the locals in a different country

    5 Tips for fitting in with the locals in a different country

    When you travel to a different country, you want to experience all it has to offer. You want to see the sights, you want to taste the food and you want to fit in with the locals. The more experienced you are with fitting in with the locals, the easier it will be to get a real feel for the country. But, how do you fit in with a community that’s nothing like your own? Here are some tips for making friends with local people in a different country. (more…)

  • Are you right for a job in the healthcare industry?

    Are you right for a job in the healthcare industry?

    The healthcare industry is one of the most profitable in the world, everybody needs it after all. Most people think of a career as a doctor when they think of working in healthcare but there are so many other jobs that you could try your hand at, and a lot of them pay incredibly well. If you think that a job in healthcare may be right for you, here are a some of your options. (more…)

  • Common financial business mistakes everyone makes

    Common financial business mistakes everyone makes

    When you first start out setting up your business, it can be easy to feel like a fish out of water. It can seem like everyone around you doing the same thing is sailing through the process, which can leave you feeling a little intimidated. The important thing to remember is that you never see the struggles and the lows behind anyone else’s business; only the achievements and the highs. In real life, there are plenty of common mistakes made by fledgling business owners in those first few months. So, it makes sense that to get your business off to the best start possible, you find out what these mistakes are so you can avoid them should they ever head your way. More often than not, a lot of them relate to finances. After all, money makes the world go round, and it certainly rules almost every aspect of your business. If you’ve been pretty lax with your personal finances in the past, don’t think for a second that you will be able to take the same approach with your company. Here are a few common slips first-time business owners make with their finances, so you know exactly what to avoid. (more…)

  • Financial management for small businesses made easy

    Financial management for small businesses made easy

    When you start a new business venture, mistakes will be inevitable. In some aspects, the sense of trial and error provides half of the fun. However, there’s one area where you cannot afford to make errors: financial management.

    Knowing this can add pressure to the situation. Thankfully, though, keeping your finances in the best possible health isn’t as tough as you might first think. Here’s all you need to know. (more…)

  • How to squeeze your business into a gap in the market

    How to squeeze your business into a gap in the market

    If you want to make it in the modern business world then you need to be thick-skinned. Having an entrepreneurial mindset is part of the package, but being smart and motivated isn’t enough to help you stand out from the hundreds of other businesses run by smart and motivated entrepreneurs much like you. You need to focus on the gap in the market; you need to find a way to make your business address a problem faced by consumers that isn’t being solved by another company out there. If you’re wondering what your business could do to squeeze into that gap in the market then here are some ideas. (more…)

  • The advantages of online study for your career

    The advantages of online study for your career

    When was the last time you considered going to school? Probably when you were a young teenager, desperate to get into college or university, staying up late at night revising for an exam the next day. This is the typical behaviour that many students go through and it’s probably something you’re glad to get rid of. However, the idea of going back to university or college to study probably isn’t something that you think of very often. It is, however, a fantastic way to further your career and open you up to many more paths in the future.


  • How To Ensure That Your Small Business Evolves Into A Larger One Successfully

    How To Ensure That Your Small Business Evolves Into A Larger One Successfully

    If you’re on the cusp of your small business expanding and growing into a larger company; congratulation! All your hard work and effort is paying off, and it shows that you have the stamina and smarts to continue in the competitive marketplace. However, for your business to make the transition into something more substantial, you’ll need to ensure that each area is working well for your company and that you’ve invested time into considering any changes that you’ll need to make.


  • Is a green business the future

    Is going green really the future of business?

    More and more in our daily lives, we’re bombarded with messages telling us how important it is to live a green life. Becoming more eco-friendly isn’t something we should consider optional. While there are many people out there making enough changes for several people alone, we need more people to hop on the green bandwagon and make changes to sustain our planet. We’re using up so many resources, and it just isn’t sustainable if we want to carry on living the way we are! This applies especially to businesses. Just consider a number of resources that any given business can use in a day. Paper, electricity, gas, packaging, and more. Not to mention how people arrive to work! Just one business going green, and encouraging others to go green can make a massive difference to the world. In fact, there’s even evidence that suggests a person is more likely to work with an eco-friendly business, than one that doesn’t really mention the environment.

  • Finding Your Voice As A Digital Nomad

    Finding Your Voice As A Digital Nomad

    There was a time when travelling the world meant suspending all of our business activities for lengths of time that could prove problematic or even crippling. In the digital age, however, that’s all changing.

    Thanks to infrastructural improvements all over the world, the quality and availability of internet access has never been better, meaning that entrepreneurs can become location independent, taking their businesses with them wherever they go. (more…)